Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cuba breaks "record" of arrests in September ...

policia-cubana-antimotines-t"The  Cuba's government practiced at least 563 arrests for reasons politicians during September 2011, "said the opposition group and noted that in the same month of 2010 the number had been 90. He added that that number is "well above the average of 278 monthly arrests recorded in the 8 months of the year. " According to the CCDHRN, most arrests are of short duration prevent the participation of dissidents in "peaceful demonstrations".

Elizardo Sanchez, spokesman, said there were 2221 arrests so far this year. The regime considers the dissident mercenaries paid by his enemy the United States and President Raul Castro has said repeatedly that they do not give in squares and streets of Cuba. In September, "as in the months  above, the high level of political repression demonstrates the absolute lack of political will by the regime to improve situation of civil, political, economic and cultural vast majority of the population, "said the CCDHRN, who warned also that the number of victims "is greater" than the cases it has been check. Between July 2010 and April this year, there was a reduction in the number of political prisoners since the release of more than one hundred dissidents. Most of them traveled to Spain after an unprecedented agreement between the government of Havana and the Church Cuban Catholic. But the dissent believes that such releases  mean that Castro intended to change their attitudes to the opposition. The report says that "continues to send false signals  concerning alleged reforms and making promises in advance is willing to violate, mocking it, once again, the evident willingness shown by the international community relationship with Cuba. "Among the most affected by these arrests include temporary Damas de Blanco, mostly relatives of former political prisoners released. That group reported having been harassment and rejection of government supporters, something the authorities denied. According to the group, now "there are 80 convicted or prosecuted for political reasons, of which 17 under parole and  63 in the prisons. "

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