Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dissidents ask to join in a peaceful struggle in Cuba...

HAVANA (AFP). A dozen former prisoners Cuban political dissidents yesterday signed a "declaration of unity, "to call a" non-violent peaceful struggle "to achieve "the shift to a democratic system" in Cuba.

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Disidentes piden unirse en una   lucha pacifica en Cuba
A group of dissidents, led by Oscar Elias Biscet (c) makes statements to the press. (EFE)
The  text "Principles for a new nation" was signed, among others, Guillermo Farinas, Sakharov Prize 2010, and former political prisoners Oscar Biscet, Jose Ferrer, Guido Sigler and Librado Linares, released this year after seven years in prison. The proposal seeks to unite balkanized opposition to push for the "non-violent peaceful struggle" "Change to a democratic system," "a transition on Standards constitutional "," respect for human rights, "" unity of Cubans, regardless of their residence. "

"It is a document trying to be unitary, no tax. It is open to change "  with input from other dissidents and the population, Fariñas said to whom the EU Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize in 2010 after the strike 135 days hunger that made this year for the release of political prisoners.

Oscar Elias Biscet The doctor told reporters  international press that seeks to involve the Cubans in the project, which he described as "a viable alternative to reach the democracy ". Ferrer said that most opponents, practically unknown to Cubans share those political principles, so  unity which is necessary "to take action."

The Juan Carlos Leyva opponent, a lawyer who is blind, also signed, said  that if the opposition has no popular support due to the lack of resources and the repression of the authorities. The government accuses the dissidents of being "mercenaries" working for the United States, millions items intended to support their cause.

Biscet, Ferrer,  Sigler Linares and belong to the group of 75 dissidents who were jailed in 2003 and released between 2010 and 2011 as a result of dialogue between the government and the Catholic Church. Most emigrated to Spain.

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