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La Red Avispa ...

The  release of Rene Gonzalez, one of the members of the Wasp Network charged with spying on Cuban exile organizations, to inform the FBI and the government of Cuba on its activities, placed back in foreground espionage activities against the Havana United States government. This man, born in the United States joined Brothers to the Rescue and the Cuban Pilots Association Americans to spy and report on their activities.

The prosecution presented evidence that the   González entry to the United States was planned since the late eighties. He came to this country in December 1990 piloting a plane spraying, which was allegedly stolen in Cuba.

Since his arrival tried to bring his wife, while he became a DEA informant. It was almost Cuban spies routine that establish relationships with federal agencies that provided information on exile organizations. All were paid for their accusations.
Gonzalez was thrown out of Brothers to the Rescue, even before they discovered their true intentions.
Ana Margarita Martinez, former wife of Juan Pablo Roque, Gonzalez said: "I think therefore as René Roque are products of the system. Roque and Rene told him but I can you  that is a great liar and hypocrite, is a trickster, is a who like him and deceives people, used to its benefit, it  the real new man who acts on only what suits their interests. "
The event attracted more than 1,600 pages declassified, decrypted messages exchanged between Florida agents and their principals in Havana.
Contrary to accusations of Cuba's government, the defendants were tried by a jury in the that there were Cubans. The process lasted more than six months and  performed at least 103 hearings. The defense lawyers traveled to the island several times.
The network of spies, according to La Habana, was composed of ten individuals, but only mention five: Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and  René González.
The officers received instruction Cuba. For example, sending anonymous letters threatening to personalities U.S. policies sometimes falsely signed figures in exile. Some of the instructions read: "beware fingerprints, place the correspondence in different mailboxes, wearing different clothes, etc... "
La Red Avispa is considered one of the most active that has operated in the U.S., valuation reaffirms that 14 Cuban diplomats accredited in Section Interests in Washington and the UN Mission, were expelled for his ties to the network.
Edgeton Levy, a former Cuban agent became aware of the operation of the network to the FBI, says: "Cuba before and after the Wasp Network spy keeps working in this country. Not monitoring is sufficient in relation to the danger posed by Cuban agents ".
During the judicial process was seen  several of the convicted spies were born in the United States and that its activities were illegal infiltrate bases U.S. military, for which they had false documents  or others.
The spies planned to sabotage U.S. aviation facilities and report on activities  military. Other indications were: to seek and develop links with U.S. political circles and then report to the center.
One of the spies, Gerardo Hernandez, sent in January 1998 to its center in Havana this message: "This war must be carried on all fronts as we can and if they do not miss an opportunity we should not be less. " In another report  stated: "Public opinion here is easily manipulated and I think they do not seize enough. " These comments recall in some extent those of Ernesto Guevara.
Gonzalez, the first of five spies released, must remain in this country another three years, but this situation could be solved formally renounces his citizenship and a judge revoked the probation, which makes it a possible factor in solving the case, Alan Gross, a prisoner in Cuba and unjustly sentenced to 15 years in prison.
In Havana you should, because the Gonzalez's arrival would be a circus show that the machinery  dictatorship propaganda presented as a resounding success  diplomacy against Washington, when in fact it would be the decision independent of a judge who acts without influence from the executive.  What does not happen in Cuba, because under the dictatorship of independence of powers does not exist.
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