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NATO confirms strike in Libya CCTV News ...

NATO has confirmed that its warplanes have targeted ships. It's accusing Libya of using its vessels in the escalating conflict, including attempts to mine the harbor in Misrata.

Update: Gaddafi refuses to leave ...

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has called for negotiations with NATO to stop the coalition's air strikes against his country.

Just Do It!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
From the Augusta Chronicle's Editorial Board:

Communism 3.0
Cuban officials 'studying' how not to act like communists. Oh well, it's progress
Cuba has announced it is "studying" ways that Cuban residents can be allowed to travel outside the country as tourists.

Wow. That's a tall order. Let's hope they put the best minds in the Cuban government on this one.

We can imagine what that study committee's discussions might be like.

Chairman: "OK, folks, we've got to figure out ways Cubans can be allowed to travel outside the country for tourism and actually have them come back. And we don't have a lot of time to come up with an answer -- maybe only years, knowing the majestic efficiency of our great revolutionary government comrades!"
Member: "Well, rather than reinvent the wheel, maybe we should look at other countries. Is there any other country that actually allows its people to leave whenever they want, for any reason?"
Silent pause.
"Nahhhhh," the group says in unison.

Don't get us wrong. We appreciate that Raul Castro, Fidel's brother and now president, is loosening things up in Cuba. But the thing that best shines a light on how insane communism is, and how stupid communists are, is how they look when they start trying to weasel their way out of the disaster they, themselves, have created.

So, how do you let Cubans go abroad as tourists?
Well, if you're not worried about whether they return -- and you shouldn't be worried about it, unless you're running a prison rather than a country -- then you just do it !

Castro's "Earned Media" Outlet

Monday, May 23, 2011
The Castro regime can save itself millions -- and earn billions -- in tourism campaigns thanks to the "earned media" it's getting from the Associated Press's (AP) Havana bureau.

Earned media is essentially free and favorable publicity for promotional purposes. In the case of Castro's Cuba, it also ensures foreign news outlets that they don't get booted off the island.

This weekend, the AP ran a story promoting tourism travel to Cuba, which even gives a wink-and-a-nod to breaking the law.
More than "earned media" -- it's irresponsible journalism.

Otherwise, how does the AP come to this conclusion:

Within months or even weeks, thousands of people from Seattle to Sarasota could be shaking their hips in tropical nightclubs and sampling the famous stogies, without having to sneak in through a third country and risk the Treasury Department's wrath.
Despite the fact that tourism travel to Cuba is clearly prohibited by statute, which the AP ignores in the story.

And moreover, as regards educational (people-to-people) travel, the primary regulator (Treasury) clearly states:

The guidelines published by the U.S. Treasury Department say people-to-people tours must guarantee a "full-time schedule of educational activities that will result in meaningful interaction."

Even State, which plays a secondary role, recognizes:

"If it is simply salsa dancing and mojitos, no. That doesn't pass the purposeful-travel criteria," a State Department official involved with the policy said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

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On a cuatrilogía Cuesta Morua
In fact, between the damage that has caused destruction Castro  the Cuban nation, we can say that the cultural base damage intangible is perhaps the worst.

On a cuatrilogía articles of Manuel Cuesta Morua: The "Cultural Castroism"
Jorge Hernandez Fonseca
May 19, 2011

First of all, I warmly congratulate Manuel Cuesta Monia for the wonderful work he has presented on such an relevant. I want to highlight three important aspects of their articles on what he called "cultural Castro." Firstly I highlight to address a central issue for political and social culture Current Cuban. Secondly, by giving a high level approach to subject, without making concessions to the pamphlet, or using epithets disqualifying. Thirdly, the courage to give us a critical approach to the dictatorship that oppresses us, being at the mercy of beast, and in its final throes.

The cuatrilogía is full of questions, many of them open, no answers in the text, which leads the reader - it's my case now - to try to answer some of them.

Culture all know what it is, but it would be difficult define in a few words, what would be desirable to have a starting point in the analysis. If we stick to the definition of Brazilian intellectual Loreiro Juan Paz (Belém, Pará), understanding culture as "a transcendent manifestation of a particular group social, we would have a starting point. This general definition encompasses  all cultures, since that group scholars to culture of each tribe of Indians who inhabit the Amazon South America.

Having accepted the above definition of culture, personal I read the outstanding articles from Cuesta Morua and add to the questions  made within the analysis, other supplementary questions.  If culture is the expression "transcendent", one might ask: are  the ten traits analyzed by Monia, truly "transcendent" for the Cuban people?, or even a more general question outside the politics and economics, has been imposed (from power) some events to be "transcendent"?

Clarify that the word "transcendent" and this issue is not associated replaces the word important. Everything has happened during the castrato  been of fundamental importance for the Cuban nation, because their actions has been a true deconstruction-destructive country down several rungs on the scale political, economic, social and  moral. The fact that the castrato has literally destroyed Cuban nation, does not mean that the principles on which it relied transcend cultural as guides to the future. They have been important (of fatal importance) to Cuba, but not necessarily survive - from my personal point of view - because future we will fight against its effects, all negative for the tissue Cuban social, especially from the anthropological point of view.

The issue addressed by Monia on all four articles is twofold interpretation: first, that it limits the "Castro cultural manifestation of a social group Castro, who of overt behavior is analyzed by Monia, but consciously attempting to impose its rules to the Cubans, they acting in that way, in the expectation that its manifestations are internalized and adopted as part of Cuban culture. The second interpretation which assumes that the "cultural Castro is a product that consciously seeks to impose on the country from the power  as part of their culture durable. In the first case, is the way Castro behave the current elite, the second interpretation, rules that would seek to impose on the conduct of the Cuban to transcend.

Among the ten rules examined by Monia is a mixture of own behavioral manifestations of Castro's elite exclusively with other traits that seeks to impose dictatorship and permanent culture to the Cuban nation. However, there is one aspect important related issue that was not mentioned by Monia, but  that is obvious to any observer of Cuban society Current: general behavioral change in the negative direction of Cubans on the island in areas related to the vulgarity, the Slurred speech, the lack of formal education, spelling poor, among others, due to the disintegration of the family and descasar generalized to education and educators. This distortion,  if not addressed and rectified, it could transcend as part of a subculture.

To judge whether some manifestation among those mentioned by Monia be significant or not, we should await the passage of time, so as to check their adoption by the Cubans, or some social group cash component of Cuban society. Personally I think the culture that is being imposed from the power, rarely (If ever) is accepted as valid transcendent practice, as  nor is the imposed official literature or official art tax (art and culture, of course, are different categories). In this case, the points would no longer set by Monia Cuban cultural features (would only Castro) but potentially transcendently if adopted, could reach  be.

Clear that the ten elements considered by Monia are (maybe there additional ones) the main influences of the Castro regime, as features, to a Cuban society under the failed experiment executed on our nation. I think we need to encourage and extend the work that has begun Morúa masterfully, but as contribution to the discussion, I must say that from my personal point of view,  can not be considered as contemporary Cuban culture (culture would only Castro) all traits analyzed in the cuatrilogía.

With regard to cultural aspects that do not play in Morúa analysis - tawdry and misguided drift that Cuban society Current has taken in terms of manners and formal education, language  decreased, excessive opportunism - has even been educators criticism related to the dictatorship, it can be considered as part of a subculture induced by the system, but not imposed by it. Is a set of features that never characterized "the Cuban "- understood as a cultural synthesis of our people - that emerged within the society, as a result of the chaotic general situation.

Can be overtly tacky future events, politically incorrect, ideologically and socially unacceptable degrading? and the answer is yes, there may be some acceptance in certain social groups. If so, it is the duty of the Nation Cuban combat distortions that may have in the work social, even if these distortions are imposed as a marginal culture. What we say then we must not confuse a culture  marginal, which is what most significant has emerged within the  island, mistaking it for an acceptable, or as part of the culture Cuban.

There is another aspect that has transpired in Cuban society: the loss  securities of all types, as a result of the extreme shortage of the degradation to which the regime has constantly subjected to all society. This lack of values ​​we can not consider as a culture,  but rather as a problem that ended the castrato, Cubans we must move to resolve, removing those Cuban society decadent and degrading statements, which may be limited - If that were the end result - a marginal groups who insist on keep the apricot proceed. If so, it could be considered culture, as the result of a negative cultural state of affairs unfortunate in all significant orders of social life, because the castrato.

The above analysis I do as a Cuban, the most objective and  committed to my people as I can, without neglecting to all the people of the island subject, as before I was subjected to own ends of a regime that despises the human being.

In fact, between the damage that has caused destruction of the country in the Cuban nation, we can say that cultural base damage intangible is perhaps the worst. The destruction of our cities and fields has medium-term solution, because the way it was built by Cubans before the castrato, is also redone by Cuban, the destruction of our economy, also has forms feasibly solved with the help of the national effort, the transformation of Cuban political field a brutal dictatorship, also  can be amended. The hardest thing to restore the damage yet  cultural, ethical and moral, that will probably never get to express  of how expansive and cheerful as before, due to the effect of over  half-century of Castro Cuban infecting the social fabric.

Articles by this author can be consulted in

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Juan Wilfredo Soto was killed although the regime denies it a million times...

Opinion / President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights
Stock Photo of Juan Wilfredo Soto (center of image)

A lie is a cancer that destroys moral fabric of human beings and nations. In it, no But it has been settled for more than half a century the communist regime Cuba. Its implementation has been the result of both nature diabolical regime and the philosophical principles on which have based their theory and practice of communism precursors, Vladimir Lenin, was the one who said: "We must be willing to use deception, fraud, violation of the laws, detention and concealment of the truth. "

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet *

Havana, May 18 / The New Nation / This repulsive practice has been implemented by Fidel Castro during the time of its mandate and  the same heritage that has been his brother. Lying is the weapon most  power used by Castro, combined with misinformation and control of all media, has created adverse effects that have made possible the extension of our national nightmare.
What is the lie? That being said, knowing that it is not truth. Objective truth is replaced by the subjective will serve personal interests almost always spurious. The lie has many synonyms as deceit, deception, misrepresentation, deceit, hypocrisy, etc. There are calls pious lies that are said to protect hazards or to save life or just not to upset someone, but right is always telling the truth. As said Don José de la Luz Knight: "The truth and nothing but the truth shall make us manly toga." The President Raul Castro has no idea of ​​this aphorism, because all indicates that its sole purpose was, is and will be until the last moment crush all vestiges of freedom.
Wilfredo Soto Juan García, was handcuffed and peaceful dissident after beaten by the Revolutionary National Police in the Parque Vidal Santa Clara. Hours later he died of acute pancreatitis traumatic necrosis. In an official statement issued by the government Castro and read on 9 May at the National Television News was  Soto said he had died of natural disease called acute pancreatitis. Not content with lying still had the morally denigrate cynicism.
How much reality is in the official statement issued by the regime Communist? What is the difference between the course of acute pancreatitis natural and traumatic acute pancreatitis? Cicero said, "before discuss, define. " Go to definitions.
Acute pancreatitis: inflammatory disease spectrum pathology varies from edematous pancreatitis, mild disorder  limited evolution, to necrotizing pancreatitis, in which the degree of necrosis of the pancreas is related to the severity of attack and its systemic manifestations.
There are many causes of acute pancreatitis, the most common the vesicular litiacis, alcoholism, hypertriglyceridemia, Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, some drugs (azathioprine, 6 mercaptopurine, estrogen, sulfa drugs) and other types of trauma.
For a better understanding of these causes as traumatic and classify diseases.
Simple contusion of the abdomen is almost always caused by blows directly on the abdominal wall. The injury to the pancreas is the crushing of the body against the spine by a blow to compression from the epigastrium, but may be caused also by trauma to the legion back or left thoracic base.
After the brutal beating, the dissident was taken Soto García  the police headquarters in the city of Santa Clara. Since there was Arnaldo Milian referred to the Hospital of the city when the official  guard refused to remain on the premises. Why was sent  the hospital?
In the medical center, was diagnosed with renal colic, not  is a surgical disease. They just give you a pain reliever and sent him home. Unfortunately for Soto, this was a completely wrong diagnosis that sealed his fate.  At that time, and the patient showed unmistakable symptoms traumatic acute necrotizing pancreatitis. Usually, when a patient has an acute attack, you can determine the time specific symptoms started.

In patients with severe pancreatic necrosis, the early signs are less dramatic symptoms. These discrepancies between subjective statements and objective signs of disease are of paramount importance when making a diagnosis. Between the characteristic symptoms are: high density functional symptoms, early onset of symptoms and general poverty on physical signs.
What does this mean? That although the patient feels subjectively very bad physical examination will identify very few or  perhaps no sign. If, at the foot of the bed, he had made Soto abdominal puncture, even without the diagnostic elements ultrasound or X-rays, it is highly probable that this man was vivo.
Returning to the facts surrounding this unfortunate case, Importantly, after leaving the hospital on May 5 John told his friend the pastor Mario F, fill it blows received had "ended his life." The reality that can not hide  the regime but lie a million times is that while John suffered  of some chronic diseases, were compensated and showed happy in the moments before the shots that ended his existence.
Unfortunately, this is not a police brutality case isolated. Quite the contrary. In recent months the police have beaten up  countless dissidents, including women armed only with Marti love roses. Wilfredo Soto Juan Garcia made a brutal political assassination of court. The perpetrators of this crime acted under the words of Raul Castro the closing ceremony of the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.
In that speech, Bush showed his repressive nature when said: "We must clarify that I ever do is deny the people the right to defend their revolution, as the defense of independence, the conquest of socialism and our streets and streets, will remain the first duty of all. "There must be a genius to understand the message.
Raul Castro know that people call the cops dressed civil, the infamous paramilitary rapid response brigades  the poorly paid informants. But none of these brutal repressors will be able to eradicate from our hearts the desire for freedom and democracy to which we are entitled as children of God.
Sources: Cuban Surgeries Standards, Early Internal Medicine, Harrison. 16th edition, Dictionary of Medicine. Ocean Mosby. 4 th Edition, The Merck Manual, 18th edition.
* Cuban anti-abortion doctor. Former prisoner of conscience (released under "parole) who has refused to leave the country, president of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights.

The alarming rate of Aroldis Chapman


- Without throwing a single entry as a starter or have completed a third game, Aroldis Chapman is injured by another 15 days, but probably for only two weeks.
Aroldis Chapman, Cuban pitcher Cincinnati Reds

The man who recently threw the ball faster (106 miles) Major League Baseball, faced many difficulties with its control  that the high command of the Cincinnati Reds sent him to the huge injured pitchers relationship with inflammation in his pitching shoulder.
It happened that in his last four appearances as a reliever, the Holguin threw only 23 years and third inning, allowed 10  races, gave 12 tickets, only struck out three men and their overall effectiveness climbed to a dismal 6.92.
In this regard Bryan Price, pitching coach of Cincinnati said:  The problems now facing the mechanics of throwing movements,  but has no physical impairments. "
However, many baseball fans know that other young shooters, in their eagerness to excel by expediency rather than intelligence, have seen their powers curtailed in wanting to show speeds faster than others and then shut the coaches  pitching arm discomfort.
Last year he debuted with the Washington Nationals the sensational Stephen Strasburg, the most codicionado young shooter these days but his arm was seriously injured with a few 68 innings launched and is now a mystery after an operation.

Injuries among the supersonic
Also at the last race and with the same team was the boricua Luis Atilano, who lasted half a season with problems elbow. Had to go to the operating room. Started this year in Double A and  his second appearance he produced nine runs on eight hits. And is injured again. Joel Zumaya than in 2006, threw a ball of 104 miles to Frank Thomas, has already been there and the week returned to the operating room above.
During this week's Big Show the list of injured pitchers  the shoulder is raised to 17 and other difficulties in his throwing arm displayed 39. Almost all are young and most of them want to hit  with straight unhittable.
"No arm is able to throw balls over 100 mph without the danger of falling into serious difficulties, "wrote Juan Vene, a veteran baseball columnist and expert in the Venezuelan newspaper The Carabobeño.
He added: "Nolan Ryan was one of the exceptional, not only for their formidable natural conditions, but also by how they cared. From  Early perfected a curve and then change it not allowed to use your whole arm in shipments of speed. "
Our grandparents remember Julio "jiquí" Moreno in the decade of the  40, which was a very fast shooter, but his arm was not iron.  Also injured, as happened in more Cuban baseball Camagüey recent to Juan Pérez Pérez and Maels Spiritus Rodriguez, who was the last Cuban Figure throw balls of fire " 100 miles and more, but his career lasted from 1999 to 2002.
For the big top relievers have been as Robb Nen (Marlins), Rod Beck (San Francisco), Armando Benitez (Mets) and Eric Gagne (Dodgers) who left stunned those who followed the radar gun observe their shots. But the longer stories from the box the met Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and Kenny Rogers using other launches, mixed with straight balls no more than 92 miles, and tired of throwing in the majors with remarkable results.

Not only is speed fame
The famous surgeon Yucumo Lewis, who has made numerous injured arms operations, said: "I think when a pitcher comes to the majors, and is able to understand that no needs to throw fastballs over. To be effective must improve the mechanics of throwing and get other pitches. "
It would be important for Chapman, now being treated and rest, to forget the headlines and the interviews about their speed, to observe the games where released Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Tim Lincecum and Justin Verlander, four stellar work around  of the strike zone, not to exceed the 95 miles.
The rest should also be time for meditation pitcher  which obviously is still under emotional influences cultural uprooting. Chapman is a reserved character and sometimes little communication that is part of his personality, but the interviews answered in the preseason pointed to other edges typical of a  young man still seeking their place in society and culture totally unrelated to those known to age 21.
At the start of the season, Chapman could not speak English for basic communication with teammates and still lingers on  Spanish-language television, shooting five to seven telenovelas per day.
Dusty Baker, Reds manager, recently described him as a quiet and friendly boy, but Chapman did not hide that they find a sometimes enigmatic: "He's still a little mysterious to us, I think. One is curious about his past, but can not force it. Y you know you are still nostalgic for his land, because Cuba is a place beautiful. "
To Aroldis Chapman, overcome emotional obstacles and expand Minor League repertoire would be an option to stay afloat for a long time in the world's best baseball pitch protect your contract of more than $ 30 billion.