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Friday, May 27, 2011
In a great interview with BloombergCuban political prisoner Normando Hernandez Gonzalez discusses his banishment to Spain, his experiences in Castro's gulag and his message to President Obama:

Freed from one of Cuba's worst prisons, Kilo 7, after more than seven years, journalist Normando Hernandez Gonzalez arrived in Miami last week after a jarring 10 months at a shabby hostel in an industrial section of Madrid.

On Friday, I met with him at his mother's modest pink home in a section of this city unfrequented by the tanned, oiled and lubricated crowds of South Beach just a few miles away.

Yarai, his wife, and their 9-year-old daughter, Daniela, joined us as we spoke about the terrible last years, a conversation that continued at Bloomberg's offices downtown.

Anna Kushner, a former staff member at the PEN American Center who had been on the case from the beginning, served as interpreter.

Hernandez belonged to a group of Cuban dissidents released last July through the intercession of the Catholic Church and flown to Madrid.

Instead of freedom, he told me, they often found themselves treated contemptuously and sometimes cruelly.

"We had no status in Spain, ninguno," said Hernandez. "Once we arrived, we asked for political asylum. We got no response. By the time I left after 10 months, the Spanish government, in violation of its own law, had still not responded to my petition for political asylum."

Dire Health
Health care was almost as hard to come by as it had been in prison, despite the fact that many of the men arrived severely ill.

"I was in very critical condition," he said. "I weighed only 54 kilos (119 pounds). My body wasn't even able to process baby food. I was very weak and just overwhelmed by a crisis of diarrhea from chronic illness."

The men were among 75 arrested during the "Primavera Negra" ("Black Spring") crackdown of 2003. Hernandez -- a self-taught reporter who had founded a school for investigative journalism in the central island city of Camaguey -- was the youngest of the "criminals."

His crime? Weapons dealing of a sort.
The authorities found the "arms" in the home of the accused: "Folders. Pens. Typewriters. Computers. Magazines. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A fax machine," he remembers.
Bread Crumbs
When the judge at his star chamber trial asked the prosecutor what kind of journalism Hernandez practiced, he replied, "Well, he criticized the quality of bread." Which was true, Hernandez said. The state of bread, made in state-owned bakeries, in Cuba apparently is lousy.

"For telling the truth about the bread, I was sentenced to 25 years in prison, of which I served seven years and four months," Hernandez said.

Last July, it was enough to have been reunited with Daniela and Yarai. (Also exiled with them were an uncle and three cousins.) But the euphoria was short-lived.

"We lived in a permanent state of hopelessness," he said. "The Spanish government and the ones who were truly responsible for us acted in a way that seemed complicit with the Cuban government from the first moment that we arrived."
The examples Hernandez cited included terrible food that was prepared exactly as it had been in prison, the lack of medical treatment and poor housing offered the men and their families.

No Pass
Although they were free to move about the city, they were at the mercy of a capricious system, he said. He was told he could no longer renew his public transit pass, for example, which he used to take Daniela to school. No reason was given.

Why the men were poorly treated remains a puzzle. The official in charge of their case was Agustin Santos Maraver, director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. He did not respond to several requests for comment.

I first learned of his plight when the PEN American Center awarded Hernandez the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write prize in 2007, designed to spotlight some of the world's most endangered writers.

Did he ever think that he would die in jail?

"You think about everything when you're in prison," he said. "If there's a place to think about things, it's prison. Once, I had a high fever and was delirious and my throat was so dry. I just held out my hand hoping someone would give me some water, and when no one did, I thought, 'This is it, I'm not going to wake up tomorrow.'"

The next morning, when the medical chief of the district asked how he was doing, he replied: "I'm not as well as I'd like to be, but not as sick as you'd like me to be."

'Sick Romanticism'
Hernandez believes American lefties who continue to support the Castro revolution should get over their "sick romanticism." His message to President Barack Obama is not to lift the trade embargo because "it will only benefit the government." He said this after bitterly asking, "What embargo? America is Cuba's fifth-largest trade partner."

Before we returned to the pink house with the parched yard, I asked him if he dreams of going back to Cuba. He answered in Spanish, but his reply was as American as Tom Joad's monologue at the end of "The Grapes of Wrath."

"I haven't left Cuba!" Hernandez said. "I'm physically here, but I'm still in Cuba. I'm standing right there next to the 12 Apostles, who did not accept the condition of leaving. I'm standing right there next to that common prisoner who was forced to commit a crime in order to feed his family. And I'm with my sister, my father, my nephew, my friends, standing right next to everyone. I'm right there."
Capitol Hill Cubans

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Did Jerry Brown’s 2000 Trip to Cuba Violate Federal Law?

Jerry Brown’s Secret Trip to Cuba in 2000 Exposed
Federal law and U.S. sanctions  violated with travel agent and visits with Castro?

By Jane Jamison

What do you know?  Another limousine liberal (quite literally, read below) with a soft spot in his heart for communism.   Former California governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown has a little secret he doesn’t want to talk about… it’s reported in detail at the Daily Beast and hardly anywhere else.  I wonder why? 
Why was Jerry Brown in Cuba for a week in 2000 and why was he never prosecuted for violating federal law?
Why was Jerry Brown in Cuba for a week in 2000 and why was he never prosecuted for violating federal law?

Ann Louise Bardach, who has written extensively about Fidel Castro and Cuba, has an astounding article in the Daily Beast with never-reported-before details about Democrat for California governor Jerry Brown.  Not surprisingly, her findings are being studiously ignored by the liberal media, especially in California.
Bardach reports that Jerry Brown in 2000 violated U.S. sanction law during a trip to communist Cuba by  using an anti-American CIA double-agent as a travel agent.   She documents that Brown met with Elian Gonzalez, had at least 2 boozy mojito lunches and 4-hour limousine ride with strongman Fidel Castro, and discussed flippantly with her how Castro was involved with Hugo Chavez’ tamperings in his elections in Venezuela.  At the trip’s end, Bardach reports, Brown had serious concerns about the fact that his trips and visits with Castro had broken federal law.
Bardach says once George W. Bush took office three months later, prosecuting travel like Brown’s became routine. 
So far, Jerry Brown has eluded prosecution for thumbing his nose at U.S. federal law and canoodling with communists against sanction policy.    His staff refused comment on Bardach’s report.   Since the mainstream media are hoping to let the story go away by ignoring it and Barack Obama is president, it seems unlikely anything will be done. 
Brown’s lacksadaisal attitude towards the brutal regimes of Cuba and Venezuela are insightful.  Why was he travelling with the help of a CIA agent who ratted  out his own people and had to flee the United States?   Why was he meeting with Fidel Castro?  
Do read all of this because the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Jerry Brown are really, really hoping you won’t bother.
Here are some excerpts: (Underlined portions are my comments)
What the Hell was  Jerry Brown Doing in Cuba?
Ann Louise Bardach reports that Jerry Brown violated U.S. sanction law during a trip to Cuba by using a CIA turncoat as a travel agent. Similar sanction violations were prosecuted extensively by George W. Bush. Plus: never before reported details of Brown’s mojito-fueled conversations with Fidel on topics from Elian Gonzalez’s future to Hugo Chavez’s role in Venezuela; Brown’s four-hour limo ride with Fidel; the double agent who booked Brown’s travel; and Brown’s later concerns about breaking the law. 
 It was well after midnight on July 24, 2000, when I heard a knock at the door of our room on the Hotel Nacional’s sixth floor. Visiting hours in Cuba run later than they do in the United States, but even by Havana standards, this was a tad late. My husband opened the door to reveal Jerry Brown, the mayor of Oakland, former governor of California, former presidential candidate, and one of the most original and unpredictable politicians in American history.
It’s true you never know who you’ll run into at the Nacional Hotel in Havana. A shabby Grand Hotel, whose suites are rumored to be secretly wired, the very walls of the Nacional seem to breathe intrigue………..
 Brown’s CIA Traitor-Turned-Travel-Agent
 Brown then surprised me with a query of his own. “Do you know who this guy Philip Agee is?” Before I could reply, he added guilelessly, “He’s our travel agent.”
Prior to his reinvention as a Cuban tour guide, Agee, who died in 2008, was a CIA agent who had disclosed the identity of scores of U.S. intelligence assets in 1975 before fleeing the country. Many in U.S. intelligence, including former CIA director George H.W. Bush, believed that Agee’s disclosures led to the murder of at least one of those named………
 Fidel “Hearts” Jerry in Cuba
Although Castro allowed Brown’s KTOP director to film the arrival of Brown, Agee, and company at the Palace of the Revolution, cameras were barred from the lunch. “But he filmed when I went in to meet Castro: We stood around and had a drink, chatted for a while, and then we sat down and we talked” for almost three hours. Lunch was lamb, vegetables, and grapefruit, washed down with a good deal of spirits—mojitos, white wine, and red wine Castro picked out for the occasion. He “didn’t waste any time,” reported Brown. “He launches right into something—what I call substantive discussion. He talked, when we first met, about Elian.”
 After lunch, Castro ordered another round of mojitos, and it was clear to all that the Cuban strongman was delighted by Brown’s company. So much so that he extended another invitation: “Castro said, ‘Come out to Santa Clara,’” Brown told me. “‘I’d like you to see the 26th of July rally and meet Elian and his father.’”
 It was the coup of an already astounding week. The Brown entourage had just returned from festivities in Santiago, where Brown had met his mayoral counterpart and finalized Oakland’s sister-cityhood. Later in the day, the group attended a Santeria rite, he said, followed by “an hour and a half of wild dancing in the street” with a small bevy of lively cubanitas…..
 Brown Knew He Was  Breaking U.S. law
 Upon his return, Brown mentioned his two forays with Castro to the San Francisco Chronicle, which noted that the visit was “not part of the itinerary approved by the U.S. State Department, which prohibits meetings between U.S. and Cuban government officials.” However, the law on public officials is less stringent, and Brown seemed unconcerned.
 But he was a tad worried when I chatted with him a week later. “When I came back I was reading the material, and you’re supposed to have an authorized travel agent,” he said. I asked if that was of significance. “Well, it makes it a crime!” he exclaimed. “The Treasury Department can prosecute me.” (Brown’s office did not respond to a request Monday for comment on his Cuba trip.) As it turned out, the department had little interest at the time in pursuing infractions involving travel to Cuba. Not until George W. Bush took office three months later did such prosecutions become common and expensive.
 Someone, it seems, was looking out for Jerry Brown.
 Read all of Bardach’s article: “Jerry Brown’s Castro Trouble on 2000 Cuba Trip”

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Cuba upholds Salvadoran's conviction in bombings

HAVANA – Cuba's Supreme Court has upheld a Salvadoran man's 30-year prison sentence for a series of bombings that killed an Italian tourist in 1997.
The government web portal Cubadebate said Monday that the court found no irregularities in the trial of Francisco Chavez Abarca.
He was convicted in December of running a network of Central Americans to bomb tourist sites in Cuba. He was also found guilty of planting some of the bombs.
Havana blames Cuban-American exile groups for the attacks. Cuban state TV has aired a confession in which Chavez Abarca said he was hired by Luis Posada Carriles, an ex-CIA asset and the alleged mastermind of a 1976 Cuban airliner bombing.
Chavez Abarca was detained in Venezuela last July and extradited to Cuba.

(5-25-11-5:00 PM)
In this photo appears Dolphin Fernandez (center) surrounded by the son of Ramiro Valdes Dubrocq Frank (left) and Frank Alvarez individual with an extensive criminal record police (right photo). This picture clearly shows the complicity of the course and false "arch enemy the Castro regime, the agent Otto "with those closest to the tyranny that travel Cuba constantly. The graph was taken in the Penthouse of Frank Alvarez N. Miami Beach. This proximity to these people is the best proof of why Dolphin did not deliver the video to Otto Reich.

A Delfin Fernandez Mena, Agent autobautizado Otto, it has been defoliating, dried flowers and a rotten reputation. Are increasingly evident, his lies, thief comes and its complicity with group (¿ex?) agents of security agencies and the chivatería tyranny abroad, constantly traveling to Cuba. Already clearly shows that this gentleman does have to do for money and at least act as an agent of disinformation in the service of group Mafia de La Habana, that here is responsible for misinforming the media press and public in general.
The fat dolphin, as a large number of agents or Castro supporters, doubles as an informant for the FBI, believing that that is protected, but sometimes, I get the backfire, and to mark the Oscar Haza scandal triggered by the old and laughable video 4 years ago Dolphin is going to see black to explain to the authorities as possible that had that video for years and did not notify the FBI. If I deny that I delivered that video in front of several people (they are all willing to testify and to submit to polygraph lie-detector-) going back to go through the ordeal that has already happened some time ago, when he underwent a Despite such evidence and that he went hurriedly to the house of Frank Dubrocq (the son of Ramiro Valdes) to give him instructions on how to cheat machine and took a bunch of pills for hypertension, for nerves and several cups of lime, is chorriadas in your fat ass and failed the test polygraph.
Because not only are the people who saw when I I gave it, if not many other people who can testify that knew of this old video for him and that if necessary they should also be to a polygraph to tell the truth now trying to deny Dolphin. Diego and Trinidad said publicly, in the program Tomas Garcia Fuste he had that video in your hands and we know who took it to Diego, he said whoever gave it to him, was Dolphin Fernández (another detector test lies, proving that Dolphin is lying when he denies). There is also a producer of a national news network, who also knew about this video Dolphin. To see if the testimony of all these people - with polygraph test included - worth less than what he says Dolphin.
Now comes from Panama to the information by order of the National Security Council of Panama, Delfin Fernandez have refused entry to the country. It would be good to explain that cheating did Dolphin in the isthmus in order to take such a drastic decision. If a journalist or any authority would like to confirm this information, to locate the officer Panamanian Javier Fletcher.
We also recommend Authorities relevant in this country who question a Dolphin Fernandez on its links with Spanish Intelligence, forcing him to register as an agent alien in this country, which has not made despite claims to the 4 winds to justify their lifestyle, working with intelligence Spanish, which is probably another of his lies.
See if Oscar Haza now has the honesty recognize that fell victim to a scam of tyranny.

A specter is haunting the world ... General Andollo Nightmare ...

Major Gen. Andollo Leonardo Valdes - Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Cuba
After  completed maneuvers Bastion 2009 in Cuba, at the end of that year the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Cuba, Major General Leonardo Valdés Andollo incurred before the Mexican newspaper correspondent La Jornada in Havana, in a capital indiscretion to reveal the nightmare heart of the world's oldest dictatorship: the specter of Ungovernable, ghost tours the world today and shaking authoritarian and dictatorial regimes of the left and right. More a visionary, the General is now a Sleepless Marras. The "Nightmare" of an outbreak of the "ungovernability" in Cuba,  only has robbed him, the dream ... The more we travel, even-handed "  His words to La Jornada, but the dilemma is clear maze facing the Cuban military.
 The  scenario is simple, but can lead to the CONSEQUENCES collapse of the Cuban Retrovolución or a national tragedy unimaginable. Any incident may seem inconsequential be the trigger. Factors flammable ingredients internal-combustion the endemic social dissatisfaction, lack for future acute awareness of the illegitimacy of the oppressors, hopelessness and profound economic and social crisis, have saturated the soul of the Cuban nation. An underground and telluric anger boils on haitianizados strata of Cuba.
Andollo Scenario: Thousands of demonstrators poured into the streets of Havana, the capital is undoubtedly decisive stage of power in Cuba, threatening to take control of the city. The political police, the bodies antimontines, the Brigades Rapid Response fascist as in Egypt and Yemen, police retired politicians or assets in civilian clothes, they fail to control citizens, as happened during the Maleconazo (1994) - as it is necessary that the 3 divisions of the garrison of Havana Elite units of the ring of troops around Havana belonging to the High Command Reserve (RAM) appear to recover control and end the "ungovernable." At any price.
That is the nightmare of the General Andollo and Raulismo last resort. No  forget that Raul Castro has taken in several instances, Apocalyptic dream of Fidel Castro's threat that it would be preferable  Cuba, like Atlantis, sank in the sea before they become  in a democracy ...
The urgency of a formula change to avoid the cataclysm is in the air. It has been stated precisely  these terms by Yeomen of tyranny. It breathes between own upper echelons of the Communist Party and government and even among the most fervent acolytes of the dictatorship engaged everyone in a sense of impending danger. The "reforms" are Raulismo irrefutales evidence of the absence of contact with reality the fossilized gerontocracy clinging to control techniques population slowly become ineffective. These "reforms" are a simple and little misleading "placebo" and everyone knows it. On the other hand Internal opposition has demanded substantial changes and long-time without being heard. A Real Change is only a matter of time.
But the aging dome or and even listen to the warning signs of the General-Business, much younger, eager to its own version of the sequence: A transfer of power to corporations, with a model closer to the semi-autocratic Russia that Putin's totalitarian China Hu Jintao. They are convinced that state capitalism Neo-Fascist Beijing would not be effective formula to ensure the hold on power in Cuba Island, after all is West and needs of Europe and Washington, they want governance and stability and just be happy with some few freedoms for Cubans, so to save face-and  the apuntalación of a regime that would ensure continuity.
The change in Cuba requires men and  clear-headed women, courage and love unselfish the Nation. The questions are on the table: Intervene "  Armed Forces side of the oppressors against thousands of citizens to make change in Cuba's streets? Are they willing our officers and soldiers, and why not, our generals, fire on the unarmed people?
A specter is haunting the world: the nightmare of the General Andollo. Y  Cubans are no strangers to these demands for freedom, democracy, open society, limited power, work and food. The decisive hour Cuba is approaching.
Opposition in Cuba is aware the crucial moment that is experienced and ready to fulfill its duty in accordance  with his conscience. Cubans abroad must be alert and coadyugar all well-intentioned effort for real change. We know that the Cuban military will not tolerate the slaughter of the people.
The urgency of a substantial change is imperative. He who has ears to hear let him hear.
Sunday, February 20, 2011 12:38 Editorial -

Released the three dissidents who made protest in Placetas Station...

                      Human Rights / Notes from a Reporter
Antunez and his wife, one of the three released
Were released three activists performed the act of "sitting" on the station on Thursday Placetas past.

By Angelica Mora
New York, May 22 / According to information from members Cuban Resistance, Yaimara Reyes Mesa, Perez Paseiro and Yris Donaida Tamara Pérez Aguilera, (the latter, the wife of Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez") were released on Saturday afternoon.
Reyes Mesa Yaimara

All three opponents were arrested in a violent incident on 19 May after taking an action of civil resistance in Placetas radio station in the province of Villa Clara.
The activists are members of the Feminist Movement for Rights Civil Rosa Parks, which in turn is part of the Central Opposition Coalition and  National Resistance Front Civic and Civil Disobedience Orlando Zapata Tamayo.
The dissidents made the act of "sitting" on the radio station require that exposed the truth about the assassination of opposition Pacific Juan Garcia Wilfredo Soto
During this peaceful Donaida Paseiro Pérez encountered by the director of Miriam's station:
"As you spread the regime's version of the facts  the murder of our brother John Wilfredo Soto Garcia, we we also want placeteña by this station is the version  the facts. The view of us and point of view the regime and that is the people who decide who has the truth and right. "
The radio executive rejected the request of the dissidents and answered them very upset, as she called the police:
"This is spreading the Party's policy, government policy. I can not spread what you say, you know? "

Before being detained activists circulated a letter open where reporting the reasons for the protest and the right universal equality of information:
"The undersigned we went to this radio station and protected in their rights as Cuban citizens assist us request the immediate dissemination and radio coverage to our point of view on the recent death of peaceful opposition Juan Wilfredo Soto García.
The purpose that drives us is to expose the audience placeteña, with evidence that Soto Garcia died of shock received by members of the political and national police in the central  Parque Vidal Santa Clara City and not as a result of Acute pancreatitis and ensures the regime and its media and is left to know, moreover, that the peaceful opposition also Jorge Luis Artiles Montiel has been since May 8 on hunger strike to protest the crime.
We are here peaceful opposition and members of the Feminist Movement Civil Rights Rosa Parks to demand a transparent debate on this issue and to denounce the blatant manipulation of memory  that our brother, as well as radio station that put the service of truth and its own people and not the petty interests of a tyranny that denies his crimes.
Signed: Yaimara Reyes Mesa, Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera and Perez Paseiro Donaida. "

Antúnez, commenting on the release of three dissidents expressed that they had received significant and effusive expressions of support and sympathy by the population.
In the social network Twitter Antúnez said:
This claim rights in the streets and towards the institutions that violate them.

The activists were released thanks to the solidarity of the internal resistance and international pressure.
Obama moved to Miami PDF Imprimir E-mail
Source Writer in the field indicated   
The recent remarks of President Barak Obama on changes should be made for their government to Cuba normalize  relations with the Castro are logical. They prove that Obama is already campaign. It is the message that he believes they want to hear the Cuban-American voters.

What Obama proposes?: Wait
Why?: Because he should.

Obama has the attitude of the "Greek Kalends" eternal waiting. Has stated that: "For  we have the normal kind of relationship we have with other countries we see significant changes in Cuban government  we have not seen it until now "... "I would welcome a real change from the government of Cuba."

Will spend time here until the election and Obama will waiting for the decision of Raul Castro, as it has done since came to the White House. If Raul does well and if reform does not do is  be patient. Waiting is less risky than help those who struggling to make things happen.

Obama does not want conflicts with Raul Castro in this period U.S. pre-election. He does not agree riots between  Cuban people and tyranny. If the Cuban people is thrown into the streets, may have killed and wounded. If Obama does not support as it did in Egypt and Libya, will cost a lot of votes in Florida. A state very  important in presidential elections.

If in the case of a revolt in Cuba Obama supports the people would to be willing to take action. This would cost votes among Americans who do not want their country to engage in any another conflict. It would have to face charges of Hugo Chavez, Ortega, Evo, Cristina, Lula and who knows who else in Latin America.

We can not forget that Castro's tyranny is an American hostage, the Engineer Alan Gross. A piece that dictatorship can be used to force Obama and his government to behave or else.

For all these reasons in the next two years, the government Obama wants is peace in Cuba. will do everything necessary so that be. The United States will not help any Cuban who can  create an explosive situation in Cuba. No group or all groups, united or divided, have real support. may support a who undertakes not to create problems and it does seem that way  what not to do and not doing.

But do not expect to be allowed to Carlos Alberto Montaner and Huber Matos have a program on Radio Martí from which you talk to Cuban people and make you feel you have a future if their demands rights. That will not happen.

Obama is not indifferent to the suffering of the Cuban people and needs of the opposition. is an American president in period  re-election. The Cuban has the floor. The word and the vote. We must appreciate his message with his past actions and what now proposed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011 18:11