Monday, June 6, 2011

Cuba: new hunger strike

The dissident Guillermo Fariñas asked to clarify the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a peaceful opposition in Cuba.
Photo: AP
Guillermo Farinas also claims that the Cuban government does not give opponents more beatings.

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Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas, Sakharov Prize 2010, meets Monday its third day on hunger strike, demanding that Cuba's government put an end to political violence and clarify the causes the death of peaceful opposition Juan Soto Wilfredo Garcia.
The activist, 46, a member of the Central Opposition Coalition, died in mysterious circumstances last May 5 after being arrested and suffered a beating at the hands of the police. Version government says that Soto Garcia died of pancreatitis.
Fariñas and was almost at death's door last year after a hunger strike that lasted 135 days following the death in jail Cuban prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo, and forced the government to initiate a process of release of political prisoners mediation of the Catholic church on the island.
The Sakharov prize requires that the Cuban authorities to prosecute Soto murder of "and also" a public statement stating that the peaceful opposition will not be beaten in the streets. "
Another well-known member of the opposition, Elizardo Sanchez, leader Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, said fears for the life of Farinas and will try to dissuade him from leaving  the hunger strike that began Friday.
"It is very dangerous because it has been proven that this government is ruthless and rarely respond to claims that human nature, "he said.
A former political prisoner José Daniel Ferrer, released in Havana a called "people of good will, both in Cuba and in the world, to show solidarity "with Farina.
For its part, the Damas de Blanco, mothers and wives of former prisoners  of conscience, said moral support hunger strike dissident.
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Cuban official media blamed the U.S. and Europe by hunger strikes

Cubadebate, A leading digital media state today blamed the United States and Europe to appeal "to suicide as a method against the island,  referring to the start of another hunger strike by opposition Guillermo  Fariñas, which he called "media show and hypocritical"

The U.S. government "calls for suicide method  control "through hunger strikes for any pretext or contextTo try to make martyrs and try to pressure or blackmail our government said CubadebateAs collected Ansa.
Farina, 48, was a hunger and thirst strike for four months term last year to demand that prisoners be released considered political. His health was seriously damaged.
The current fast Fariñas in Santa Clara in central Cuba, where he lives, claims  the trial of policemen who were allegedly "beaten up" to another opponent, Wilfredo Soto, two days before his death last May.
Soto Family and Medical publicly declared that there was such a beating and that man of 46 years died of acute pancreatitis with complications.
Cubadebate Farina described the strike as a "media show and hypocritical"  and the death of Soto stressed that "for the U.S. and  European allies were not obedient enough evidence of statements of doctors, relatives and witnesses. "