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Interview with Ban Ki-moon ...

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Cuba, others cause trouble in U.N. re-election: envoys

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attends a news conference after a meeting with Brazil's Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota at Itamaraty palace i Reuters – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attends a news conference after a meeting with Brazil's Foreign …

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council Thursday delayed by a day its vote to recommend Ban Ki-moon for a second term as U.N. chief after Cuba and other Latin American countries declined to endorse him, envoys said.
"Cuba's causing difficulties with GRULAC (Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries), but it's just procedural," a Western diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity.
"Ban's going to win, though it's unclear whether GRULAC will endorse him as a bloc," the diplomat added.
Cuba's U.N. mission issued a statement denying Havana was the reason the process had been held up, adding, "Nor has it been opposed to this re-election."
A spokesman for Cuba's mission declined to comment when asked whether the statement meant his mission would now vote in favor of a GRULAC endorsement of the U.N. chief.
A senior U.N. official confirmed that Cuba was not alone and that other Latin American countries including Mexico, Guatemala and Paraguay had raised concerns. Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said Mexico suggested there should be more than one candidate for the top U.N. job.
Diplomats said the Security Council vote on whether to recommend the former South Korean foreign minister for a second five-year term as U.N. secretary-general starting in January 2012 had been postponed until Friday at 11 a.m. (1500 GMT)
It was not immediately clear what specific reason Cuba might have for not supporting a GRULAC endorsement of Ban, but Western diplomats say Havana sees the secretary-general as under U.S. influence.
Diplomats said there was an inconclusive GRULAC meeting on Thursday afternoon and another one scheduled before Friday's council meeting to see if the bloc could agree to endorse Ban.
If GRULAC was unable to back Ban, who is so far the only candidate for the post, it would have no impact on the voting process. But it might be embarrassing for the U.N. chief, who diplomats say would like to have the official support of all 192 member states and all regional groups.
Ban, who was visiting Brazil Thursday, did not comment directly on the delay, telling reporters in Brasilia, "I expect that member states will take positive consideration for my humble desire to serve this great organization."
Brazilian diplomats said late Thursday the country would support Ban's re-election bid.
Officially, U.N. secretaries-general are elected by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council. In reality, it is the five permanent veto-wielding council members -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States -- that decide who gets the job.
All five permanent council members have said they support Ban's re-election.
The General Assembly is expected to formally approve Ban's second term Tuesday.
Ban has been touring Latin America this week to meet with regional leaders. He has not visited Cuba.
(Additional reporting by Raymond Colitt in Brasilia, Editing by Peter Cooney)

Sebastian Martinez remains in prison, what makes the Spanish government to the big prison that is communist Cuba?...

                Opinion / Human Rights
Sebastian Martinez The Spanish Ferraté managing director of Marina Hotels Majorca tourist company, arrested completely unfair and arbitrary since July 2010.

By Miguel Cancio

Santiago de Compostela, June 13 / still abused and fleeced in  Cuban Communists the filthy dungeons and ask 15 years jail for the prosecution Stalinist-Communist (Martínez Ferraté be court later this month of June 2011) for reporting the truth, for reporting what anyone who has traveled to communist Cuba you can check it over and over again: the severe corruption, serious Cuban degradation and shown, among many other evils and contamination by the very broad and very cheap prostitution Cuban as the same affects as well and badly, to minor children and, as This prostitution, including child and children, some quite  benefit in the most deplorable, despicable and reprehensible.
Again, the Cuban totalitarian communist tyranny mounted one of its worthless, and Stalinist shows depleted judicial example, to intimidate, threaten seriously to pursue cruelty to all those Cubans or Cuban, who want to report the very sad, oppressive, corrupt, predatory, debased, debasing  Cuban and very unjust reality that affects the vast majority of Cubans and the order of two million Cubans who have fled Cuban Communist Paradise (PCC), who have fled the unbearable prison  the Cuban Communist totalitarian regime in Cuba has become, the that was before the destruction, pollution, serious obliterate communist, the Pearl of the Caribbean, the most developed nation Latin America along with Argentina and Uruguay, which attracted more migrants  the world (of which 700,000 were Spanish) with the United States and  Argentina, which far exceeds development, income per capita, Spain and Italy, and competing in major sectors  more developed nations of the world.

Communist Cuba currently only in per capita income than in Latin America and the Caribbean, Haiti, one of the nation's poorest world.
We talked about Cuba as a prison unbearable then communist Cuba, among other very serious evils, is the Latin American nation that sheds the highest suicide rate relative to its population and is also one of the first nations of the world in percentage of suicides and hitting all the population between 20 and 40.

Communist Cuba is also notable and very sadly:

  • As one of the world's nations, among the first but first, yielding the highest percentage of abortions in relation to their population, around 100,000 abortions per year in a population of 11 million Cubans. This very negative indicator has to do with models communist, national-socialist, socialist, what politically correct, and so on. where the culture of death, the social engineering, the tyranny of the body, authorities called liberators and their privileges, anything goes, including the worst, for cashing has much predicament.

  • Being among those with the largest number of prisons and prisoners under very unfortunate, but jailers tortured, abused and treated very badly corrupt prisoners and  their families, and especially the political prisoners of conscience.

  • By having rationed for years and years until the paper hygienic. Cuban Communist Revolution in 52 years of Communism Liberator, Transformer, Revolutionary Democracy Science Real  has not taken to wipe his ass with the least decorum. The Cuban Communist Revolution, the murderous communist tyrant to Fidel Castro heads, supports the movement of so-called Spanish Real Democracy Now and also support the coup, pro-Castro, profundamentalista neo-communist Venezuela and Chavez, the Peronist Argentina billionaire thanks to the power Cristina Kirchner, the very millionaire by the American Dad and Mom to puton despendolada  Paris Hilton and verbenero Galician billionaire, one of the Spanish richest and among the richest in the world Rosalia Mera. Rosalia  The multimillionaire Galician Revolutionary self-management, to lead by example, you should open the assembly process and self-management in all its businesses. Shortly before the Tyrannosaurus  Communist Fidel Castro's support of the Spanish Real Democracy Movement Ya, harshly criticized the settlement by the U.S. leader international terrorist, one of the leaders of the new war international terrorist, the Saudi bin Laden and the support of the West Western pro-democracy demonstrations have been taking place against the repressive and corrupt socialist regimes of Libya and Syria.
The corrupt, debased and debasing communist Cuba does not nor wipe his ass with dignity, when Cuba, the Pearl of the Caribbean ( had one of the most attractive and cosmopolitan Havana Bella, Key to the New World and City of Columns), was one of the richest and best endowed in products, food and essential medicines, but also in all types of products, infrastructure, rights and services for its population,  and emphasized that competed internationally.
Cubans should be operated in communist Cuba have taken to the hospital clean sheets, etc.

Corruption pervades everything in communist Cuba and everyone knows this and uses it morning, noon, night postnoche and after hours, is spent resolving the robolution of Sociolistos; used in the struggle to get, as it may, at any cost whatever and whoever is the best, the biggest slice material, immaterial, sexual, and so on.
Corruption, predation most pervasive mean absolutely everything in Communist Cuba, in everything that has to do with communist Cuba.
Cuban Communist Corruption is pervasive from a Cuban born, to death and even beyond his death.
Cuban Communist Corruption pervades everything above, very top, middle and bottom, inside and outside of communist Cuba, and affects  Cubans very seriously, wherever it goes and acts the totalitarian corrupt, predatory, degraded, contaminated, proterrorista (proFARC, Proetus and other terrorist groups), profundamentalista Cuban communism.
The Cuban population, which in June 2011 is around 11.2 million Cubans, the vast majority suffer from January 1959 until today (June 2011), 52 years, suffers in the flesh and its families, terror, control, corruption, Arras, degradation, pollution, brainwashing, material and moral poverty that has imposed on Cuba, through envy, hatred, terror and control Communists, the Cuban communist regime, the totalitarian Cuban Communism  the bloody communist tyrants Fidel Castro, Raul Castro Ernesto Guevara (Argentine admirer of Stalin and the Communist terror, and apply what they sang with the greatest cruelty. Signed as Stalin II as Head of torture, executions, liquidations, etc.. large numbers of Cubans, and so on. became known as the Butcher of La Cabin), and all those within and outside Cuba, they are playing into the hands of these bloodthirsty tyrants and totalitarian Communists, the bloody totalitarian communist tyranny in Cuba.

The Spanish government of Prime Minister Zapatero, the Minister Foreign Trinidad Jimenez, who claim to defend democracy in the Western democracy with alternation, security and guarantees Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc.., The Spanish parliament, the Spanish social forces they claim to defend human rights, democratic citizens, all of which should make all arranged for the Spanish Ferraté Sebastián Martínez can be sent to Spain as soon as possible, so that in communist Cuba runs on terror, repression and communist Cuba, all Cubans  inside and outside and have access to freedom, dignity citizen in a democracy with alternation, security and guarantees.
The Spanish government of Prime Minister Zapatero, who made it possible for prisoners  Cuban politicians were sent to Spain, which enabled a Spanish photographer, detained in Libya for reporting what was happening in this nation, was released and sent to Spain; Spanish government of Prime Minister Zapatero, now must do everything possible for Spanish Sebastián Martínez Ferraté be sent to Spain soon.
Do not take by surprise!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011 16:49

By: Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello .-

In May 2008, work began on the Cuban Network Communicators' Community, which had its own blog from 2009. During this time, hundreds of Cuban citizens, members civil society have had access to the Internet to give their problems, of different kinds, which are not served by relevant government agencies.
Although in isolation in recent years have approached the Red some people to raise issues, without having had to go look, from the end of 2010, there has been a full movement that forced us to create an analysis group, to to deal with cases which set out, already out of frames Community of obstacles. At present the number of events want to be disclosed, to ask for help, is above the hundred, should be stressed that not only in Havana, some from other provinces where the assets include the incidents, and have even received calls from outside the country, requesting some cases are met.
This is a sign of fatigue in society and the reality of  the already spoken-that the government no one listens. Plus promote the blog of the Cuban community communications network such  events, have sent letters to various agencies and telephone contacts were made with some authorities, seeking responses to the proposals received. However, the regime will greatly upset is known internationally any domestic situation, however slight, and try to use their weapons more common: the harassment and lies. This can be illustrated in  follows:
-On April 25 of this, he informed the President of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, which is a crime of fraud Telecommunications Company SA known ETECSA its initials, as applied retroactively to the Agreement No.30/11 of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Cuba on the dollar with the CUC (CUC), as well to collect a tax on international calls from a Decree does not correspond, not to be applicable to persons natural.
The "answer" was received on June 2, in a letter sent by mail and signed by Joselin Sanchez Hidalgo, director of Supervision and Care Population SPC explaining that the written report which alleged facts criminal would be transferred to the competent bodies for research does not correspond to your institution. However, the law said that the three places that can be reported are: prosecution police and court, which means that it has used a form of procrastination  the solution of the problem. As you can see the letter is rambling, and not even say which bodies are competent.
-The largest of the State Security named Bernard Ferguson Pascual, works in Villa Marist and uncle of Yurleany Tamayo Martinez, who plays one of the cases of conflicts in Civil Society, having been beaten by police and found in a state  danger to life, as recognized in the Judgement No.415/10 Provincial People's Court in Havana. This officer went to his niece and threatened to take prison and take her two daughters. But when was the Yurleany near death by the savage beating players gave him  order, was to offer solidarity and the complaint in  his command, demanding justice for her.
Sector-Chief of the neighborhood where he lives Jorge Vazquez Chaviano in the municipality of Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara province, (sentenced to one and a half in prison, subsidized work non-institutional correctional) called him to a meeting where were several people who faced penalties and what is given by call social dangerousness. In an attempt to discredit them, their status as a dissident, the officer stood in front of all  the potential criminal and told them that they should behave like him. Then he turned to George and snapped, "you can go."
There are many examples that can relate, but the reality is that for this part of civil society has chosen to address organizations known as "human rights" has created a kind of alternative government, and the officer does not listen resolved.
It is noteworthy that whenever a person contacts to this group work, he reads "the card" or whatever it is you are informed the risks involved by contacting dissidents. This implies that anything than he can take whatever surprise.

Havana, June 16, 2011. Updated on Thursday, June 16, 2011 16:54

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Cuba – The Silent War Against the Environment
Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D.
Saturday, Nov. 2, 2002
Editor's Note: This is the first article in a two-part series.

While the Cuban lobby in Congress, led by the Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Socialists of America and even some misguided Republicans, like Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., in an ungodly alliance with the well-financed captains of agricultural industries and mega-corporations (e.g., Archer-Daniels-Midland, Cargill and confreres in the agribusiness industry) (1-3) continue to clamor for opening Cuba to economic exploitation in collusion with Cuba's communist regime – a silent degradation and destruction befalls Cuba's once beautiful flora and bountiful fauna.
In this endeavor, as well as the drive to obtain hard cash by any means, the totalitarian regime of Fidel Castro reinvents itself more and more as a fascist, corporativist state rather than the socialist worker's paradise of the bygone Cold War era.
Year after year, Cuba's once wondrous landscape, which Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Seas, once called "the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen," is being defaced and defiled by the predatory, anti-environmental polices of Fidel Castro Ruz – for the benefit of himself and the upper echelon of his regime, the privileged mayimbe class of the Cuban military.
And from the Sierra Club and other radical environmental groups we hear only deafening silence. We have to seek and extract information from the work of Carlos Wotzkow – the distinguished Cuban ornithologist, concerned naturalist and ecologist, exiled in Switzerland since 1992 – to find out about this environmental and ecological catastrophe being perpetrated virtually unmolested and in conspiratorial silence for over four decades of communist (fascist) rule.
Yes, environmental degradation and ecological destruction are taking place alongside tourist development in the hapless Caribbean island under the dictatorship of septuagenarian Fidel Castro – and hardly anyone is complaining or even noticing this ongoing outrage.
In Wotzkow's "Natumaleza Cubana," (4) which unfortunately has not been translated into English, we learn that Cuba's once unique flora and beautiful fauna are being extinguished; forests desolated; historic lakes drained and desiccated out of existence; virginal land desecrated; streams diverted, canalized to irrigate poorly tended fields; air and streams polluted by indiscriminate use of pesticides and herbicides in the zonas turisticas; improper waste disposal and drainage of fecal matter with contamination of water reservoirs everywhere.
Unless something is done to reverse the environmental degradation of the island, Wotzkow warns us, we will have a series of irreversible environmental disasters of gigantic proportions that will affect the island for years to come.
Year after year, Cuba's natural habitats and wildlife yield to maleza, a double entendre meaning "underbrush" but also meaning "evil," thus the jeu de mots "natumaleza" rather than naturaleza ("nature"), referring to the wanton, evil destruction of Cuba's natural habitats and environment referred to in the title of his book.
Affirming what I wrote, based on other sources, about the Escambray Mountains of Las Villas province on this very subject in "Cuba in Revolution: Escape From a Lost Paradise," (5) Wotzkow wrote:
"The destruction of our forests is such that were any guerrillas attempting to do today against Castro, the same deed he performed against the dictator Batista, from the Sierra Maestra, they would die from exposure and thirst. The small streams of the Sierra hardly have water, contrary to what [José] Martí [wrote], 'they only satisfy the sea.' Furthermore, there are no trees left to hide [in], nor is there wood left to even build a sarcophagus to the dead."
From London, the great Cuban writer Guillermo Cabrera Infante writes, in the preface of the book, that "every page in this book is an open wound, evincing the crime of nature against nature." Exposing this crime from outside Cuba is imperative because not only are the Cuban people misinformed by the government press but also in a repressive totalitarian regime like that in communist (fascist) Cuba, protest is impossible, and those who know must impotently yield to the censorship and infamy.
Castro's slogan and policy logros ("achievements") of "no drop of water can be allowed to escape to the sea" with the construction of thousands of dikes and dams to hold back the water, has been disastrous to the island, with unpredictable inundations, contamination and penetration of sea water to the water table.
The River Cauto, for example, which Cuban schoolchildren erstwhile learned was the greatest river in Cuba, is no longer so; "today, it is a mere rivulet." Toward its outlet to the sea, the formerly fertile soil of Oriente has become arid; the coastal lakes near its delta loaded with mud; soil erosion unstoppable, denuded without the manglares (mangroves) and the sea grapes, uvas caletas (Coccoloba uvifera), that once protected and beautified that shore.
Near my native city of Sancti Spiritus and bordering on what was once my family's small farm, the Zaza dam has caused considerable economic damage to the area with its repeated, dangerous inundations, which have left many campesinos without homes.
Roads have been washed out and nearby towns have become isolated from one another, without interconnecting roads, by these disasters. A once beautiful landscape has been destroyed by Castro's mad vision of "not allowing one drop of water to escape to the sea."
Notwithstanding the regime's wild assertions and falsely contrived bureaucratic claims, the triumph of the Revolution did not improve the ecologic system of the island. On the contrary, it worsened it by subordinating the need to protect the environment, the flora and fauna, and other precious natural resources of Cuba to the political and economic exigencies of the moment, if not the whim of the all-knowing Maximum Leader.
Consider that the pluvial, mountainous forests, not to mention the consecrated Sierra Maestra herself, are today 60 percent deforested; the Escambray Mountains are 40 percent deforested, with the remainder unwisely monocultivated with Australian species of eucalyptus trees without underbrush or small trees to prevent water runoff.
As a result, soil erosion has denuded the once lush Sierra del Escambray – so that, says Wotzkow, "MiG planes have no trouble spying on the ants on the ground." The environment, wildlife and ecologic systems of these historic mountains have been sacrificed on the altar of political and military considerations.
Destruction of the environment commenced soon after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959 not only with the economic failure of agrarian reform and forced collectivization but also with ecologic degradation, which only intensified in 1989 with the collapse of Soviet communism, when Castro announced that natural resources would be exploited to the hilt as rapidly as possible in anticipation of economic collapse and implementation of the Zero Option Plan.
Matters did not improve with the subsequent imposition of the "Special Period in Peacetime" in the early 1990s.
It was at this time that Castro then raised to servile power the pliable and ruthless veterinarian Dr. Rosa Elena Simeón to "save the glorious conquest of socialism" and exploit the dwindling natural resources for the economic benefit of the State – i.e., himself and his mayimbe privileged class and band of local chieftains, who do as they are told and look the other way at the environmental pillage and plunder, for their own chance at political rewards.
Dr. Simeón rules at the whim of Fidel Castro over a maze of alphabet soup and acronyms of State plundering agencies (e.g., COMARNA [Natural Resources], MINAGRI [Agriculture], INTUR [Tourism], MCTMA [Science, Technologic, and Environment], MIP [Fishing], IES [Ecology and Systematic]) – all of which have placed Cuba's natural resources at the disposal of the Revolution.
The once vast flora and fauna of Cuba, including rare and protected species, are dwindling, being sold to the highest bidders. Don't be misled by the venal government agencies with euphemistic-sounding names such as "National Enterprise for the Protection of the Flora and Fauna" (ENPFF), which claim jurisdiction over "protected areas." Their high-sounding names pay lip service to the international community (and the whims of the Maximum Leader) but they also participate in the pillaging and plundering of natural resources for the good of the State.
While paying lip service to conservation and other forms of government propaganda, the reality is that the regime and its agencies have built thousands of miles of roads for the development of non-existent (i.e., failure of communist central planning) State agricultural enterprises or for the tourism industry (i.e., greed), "roads through which no autos would circulate, or building dams through which there was hardly any water to contain," writes Wotzkow.
These government "enterprises" also allow highly placed government officials like Comandante Guillermo García Frías to export racing horses and fighting gamecocks, activities that before the Revolution under Batista were considered luxuries of the bourgeoisie but which now have been reintroduced as exploitable resources. Most damaging are the lucrative sales of live or dead Cuban natural specimens to European collectors.
What is not under the guidance of Dr. Simeón (with the approval, of course, of Fidel Castro) falls under the Minister of the Interior (MININT) or Minister of the Armed Forces (MINFAR) – his brother Raúl Castro. So nothing happens in Cuba without the knowledge of the Castro brothers.
How did Dr. Simeón gain her high position in the Cuban environmental sciences? Wotzkow relates here that she performed a very useful task for Fidel Castro. She blamed the African porcine fever epidemic that had erupted in Cuba in 1989 on the CIA. Then she ordered the confiscation of all pigs, which were subsequently butchered and sent to Africa as canned meat to help feed "their communist brothers" in Africa. Pigs that appeared normal were separated and shipped to feed Cuban troops in Angola.
The elimination of the porcine population in Cuba also served the purpose of ending, once and for all, Noche Buena, the traditional feast on Christmas Eve that diehard Cubans refused to give up after years of communism.
Cuba has laws, e.g., Law 33/81, "Law for the Protection of the Environment and the Rational Use of Natural Resources (ACC; 1983) – but it is an empty gesture, never applied. It's on the books for foreign consumption to pay the proverbial lip service to foreign environmentalists and useful idiots who provide hard cash to the island in grants, donations and joint enterprises.
Spurred by Spanish entrepreneurs wanting to enter into public-private partnerships or joint ventures with the Cuban government (i.e., veritable fascism/corporativism) in the hotel/tourist industry, Cuba's once wonderful coastlines have been contaminated and polluted.
Wotzkow writes: "The coasts of Cuba are the dumping grounds for Revolutionary trash, and its cleansing is something Fidel commands to the sea. Instead of a beautiful seashell, everything you will find on our beaches is dangerous. From floating human feces, as one finds in Guanabo beach, to bloody and purulent bandages that are discarded directly into the sea from the coastal hotels to be dispersed by the waves of the sea."
Whole schools of fish have disappeared, collected and ground for animal fodder (pienso). Even the sand has been exhausted from many beaches, to be used for concrete and gravel to build coastal roads (pedraplenes) for tourist development, through which no one travels except inspecting government dignitaries.
This has been the desolation that has been wrought on the northern coastal areas and the keys of the archipelago of Sabana-Camagüey, especially in remote Cayo Coco and Cayo Romano. Wotzkow estimates that at least 18 square kilometers of this fragile natural habitat of virginal, subtropical forests have been destroyed, piles of unused timber left rotting along the side of the deserted pedraplenes leading nowhere.
Chaos reigns; government work projects start here and there but are never completed, leaving deforestation and destruction in their wake. The situation has been worsened by Castro's misdirected, anti-environmental policies for rural development, as in the youth working farms, "Escuela al Campo," and State-directed recreation, "Campismo Popular."
In Part II, "Cuba – The Hunter and the Hunted in the Lost Caribbean Paradise," we will conclude this exposé, bringing to light the wanton destruction of a once thriving Caribbean paradise.

* * * * * *
Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D., is Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Sentinel ( and author of "Vandals at the Gates of Medicine" (1995); "Medical Warrior: Fighting Corporate Socialized Medicine" (1997); and for the lesson of gun control in Cuba, see his latest book, "Cuba in Revolution: Escape From a Lost Paradise" (2002). All three books are available from
"Cuba in Revolution" is also available from the NewsMax Store.

Editor's note:
Contact environmental organizations or your favorite media outlet about this situation: Click Here.

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Cuba calls on the EU to move towards normalization of relations but warns that it should be a dialogue "between equals"

He warns that it is "very jealous" of their sovereignty and argues that "never" had political prisoners

BRUSSELS, 16 June (IRIN) -
The general director for Europe of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Ernesto Senti , stated on Thursday that Cuba is "ready to move" toward normalization of relations with the European Union if it framework presents a "new, different and bilateral," but has made clear should be through dialogue "between equals" and that the position Common conditions such relations since 1996 to advances in democracy  "Does not enrich" the contacts.
"We continue to make strides because we believe in International law, we believe in respect for people, but now the ball is in European territory to define the next steps follow, "said in an interview I felt Press in Europe Brussels, after a meeting with the Office of the High Representative  EU Foreign Policy, Catherine Ashton, who was the twenty-seven commissioned in 2010 to examine options for reviewing relations with the regime of Raúl Castro.
Asked whether the process of release of dissidents imprisoned in Cuba can give an impulse, I felt has retorted that "Cuba is a country so free in every way that has never had prisoners politicians "and rejected the EU can" ask anything "to authorities of the island. It has also denied that economic reforms started by Raul Castro or the release of over a hundred of dissidents in the past year are the result of pressures international, but the decisions that Cuba "is consistent with their  sovereignty and its line of development. "
"No sovereign state to respect has to admit requests one. Cuba does not act with the intention of having to satisfy  anyone, we have not done with the United States in fifty years Europe has no need to put conditions on anyone, "he replied Cuban diplomat. He also warned that Cuba has "never" has recognized political prisoners and prisoners have been "judged  According to the law and penal codes in force "and punished for "Violating the rules." Neither wanted to reveal whether there new releases, but has insisted that any "decision" to respond to reasons concerning "internal" and "sovereign."
The head of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, has been postponed 'Sine die' annual review of relations with Cuba, although  traditionally addressed this point every June since the reflection on a possible change "in progress" and will not raise debate the ministers of Foreign Affairs until there is "a consensus, "according to European sources. Fonts department Ashton have suggested that continuing the "work" to deal with the discussion agenda is part of the council of European ministers of Foreign of July.
Meanwhile, Havana is "waiting" for the Twenty Mark Ashton "how to move towards a new frame, different bilateral "in which" collect "the progress in the opinion of felt,  "Exist" at the bilateral level with other Member States and also reflected in the resumption of political dialogue between the EU and Cuba in 2008. "The common position is in force and, however, hold political consultations and cooperation has resumed with a number of EU countries with the European Commission, and that's another example of the spirit of our country and the available expand links with each of these countries, "explained Cuban diplomat.
I felt explained that, despite the existence of the Common, the Cuban regime maintains "political consultations" with various capitals  Europe and has been interpreted as evidence that "times are changing "and that there is a willingness to" go forward "in terms bilateral. "The common position contains elements that unilateral not consider a contribution to modern international law because contains elements that contradict the UN Charter. I do not think  that is what most enriching the international relationship with any country, "he stressed.
These days I felt made a tour of several European countries the objective of "deepening" with them bilateral ties that exist  and that Cuba maintains "an exchange without limitation, with respect, transparency and non-interference "on the" basis of the principles of United Nations Charter "because," when that understanding, always a possibility of going climbing higher levels in international relations. "His schedule has taken him to UK Ireland and Belgium and will be in Madrid on Friday to meet with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Monday in Berlin.
In Brussels, as well as contacts with representatives of the Belgian diplomacy, I felt I had met with the services of Trade and Development Commissioners, Karel de Gucht and Andris Piebalgs, respectively, as well as the High Representative for Foreign Policy  EU, Catherine Ashton.

Jealous of their sovereignty
The European Union adopted in 1996 at the request of the Government of José  María Aznar, a Common Position requiring progress in Havana Human Rights and democracy as a precondition for establish normal bilateral ties, but Cuban authorities have This instrument always criticized for being a decision "unilateral" that  intended to "interfere" in the sovereignty of Havana.
"We are very jealous of our sovereignty and independence and believe that normal ties can be created when such condition  Links to all matters concerning the sovereignty of a country, "responded felt the question if the Cuban regime accept an interim step to normalize relations with the EU  although not abrogated the common position
In addition, the general director for Europe of the Cuban Foreign Ministry has ensured that bilateral meetings with Brussels or European capitals "Cuba always talk about any issue" with their partners, but has said it does "on equal conditions "in the context of a dialogue that is based on" bases as mutual respect for sovereignty, non interference and respect the legal systems of the European Union and Cuba "and without "Any party imposing any criteria."