Friday, June 24, 2011

LPP Archive...What Cuba is a self-locking...

Published: 3/6/11 at 10:20 am
Oscar Pena Writer
AOL News
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"Two steps forward, three steps back" is an old proverb to explain when something never advances. And unfortunately applies to the situation of Cuba.  Recently, the Cuban regime was viewed positively by rectifying the savagery of Cubans have sentenced to 52 sentences of 15, 20 and 25 years to be adversaries of ideas and civic projects and put them in freedom, however, again today, we must condemn and denounce the authorities in Havana persist not only in the repression brutal to peaceful democracy activists in the streets and even in their own homes, but are also curtailing the freedoms of  people exercising arbitrary arrests and convictions.

According to Reuters, four Cubans, Luis Enrique Labrador, 33, David Driver, 40, and Wilfredo Rodriguez,  42, were sentenced to five years, while the jovenYordanis Martinez, 23, was sentenced to three years for a Cuban court on Tuesday for distributing leaflets against the government in Havana.

Cubans continue to be harassed and subjected to brutal laws. This last sentence of six national summary trials for exercising their rights to distribute papers in the streets with their opinions Personal highlights the constant and serious abuse of the justice system criminal to repress the people of Cuba.

We have always argued that Cuba's problems are internal and not external. Each time the international community wants to open up to Cuba,  Havana manages to turn him around backwards and undermine aperturistas efforts among all Cubans, and the community internationally. Now we return once more to show. What Cuba is a self-locking.

We believe these latest sentences imposed on four Cubans whose only  disorder has been to hold opinions different from the Government taxes are unjustifiable and deplorable draconian