Monday, July 18, 2011

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FBI struggling to catch dozens of fraud fugitives hiding in Cuba

 South Florida is known as the capital of Medicare fraud, but increasingly Cuba is where the scammers go to avoid prosecution.

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Pastors for Peace is hosting a contingent from Cuba in Mobile.

MOBILE, Alabama -- Two busloads of travelers stopped in Mobile Thursday on their way to Cuba, a destination they must first leave the United States to reach.
Members of the 22nd Pastors for Peace Friendshipment came to the family center of Mount Hebron Baptist Church in Trinity Gardens and spent time pleading their group’s case for normalizing U.S. relations with Cuba.

Headed to Cuba, Chávez delegates some duties

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez delegated some of his duties to his vice president and another aide on Saturday as he prepared to return to Cuba for cancer treatment. Read More...

                                    Cuba / Notes from a Reporter
Weekends are ideal days for police to appropriate policy-with impunity-a repressive acts against Cuban dissidents.

By Angelica Mora

New York, July 16 / A meeting scheduled by the Frente de Resistencia Civica Orlando Zapata Tamayo served for State Security carried out a major operation against the group leaders tried to meet in Placetas, in the house of Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez."
The activist claimed by the Social Network Twitter has been militarized Placetas to try to prevent the meeting of the members of the Resistance.
"They have become both corners of my home in true military barracks."

He said that from the early hours of Saturday began a major operation around your block in Placetas and the political police proceeded to carry out numerous arrests, most violent members of the Front who came to take part in the meeting.
Antúnez on Twitter wrote this Saturday night:
"We are peaceful opponents 13 sites in my home .... Just witnessed the violent arrest of Melvin Mülenen, delegate of the November 30 game in Florida, Camaguey and director of the Front "
Also arrested Yoan David Gonzalez Milanes, Juan Luis García Pérez, Guillermo Rodriguez Rodriguez and Emilio Mauri Ortiz Arredondo, Santa Cruz del Sur who tried to reach the house Antúnez. At this moment, the whereabouts of this group of activists.
The opposition leader also reported that there was a protest by a group of coachmen who were outraged because of the fence around the neighborhood of La Mina, built to keep out activists and the general public.
Antunez said that the journalist Félix Reyes Gutiérrez was able to break siege because they reached the corner of the house in open carriages, ran a few yards and gained entry to her home.

Indicates the opponent given the lack of information is impossible to know the exact number of detainees this weekend.
The large police operation close-up time of writing, Point-way to vehicles, pedestrians and horse carriage around the block where he lives Antúnez.
Police forces have been reinforced with troops from other provinces. The opposition leader said that as a test, the agent known Osmani García Valdés Santi Spiritus is participating in the arrest operation in Placetas.

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Swapping corruption ...

Written by indicators in fisheries   
By: Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

Some people still are misled by the supposed "change" speaking of the Cuban regime and the solutions to some problems that have been overwhelming to the people during these 53 years dictatorship. Although most are aware that the proposals government are not exactly the output that the country needs to myriad of difficulties that have accumulated remains the hope that it may mean a start on the road to freedom and  democracy.

In particular there are two situations that have a good account by those who hold power: housing for sale and sale and transfer of vehicles between individuals.

In the first case would abolish a large number of procedures bureaucratic people committing illegalities and corruption, because the state has been interfering in relation to the "Swaps" (a Creole invention) so that at the moment -Even-houses must be measured to see how many people can live  in it. You are not allowed to decide who a citizen living in it, in that space you live and where they want to.

The proceedings of the swaps are extremely cumbersome and allow  housing officials to enrich themselves, as well as called "permuteros," all based on the constraints the government.

In the case of vehicles, businesses for sale are held illegally, taking place without a corresponding transfer. This constraint helped to raise the price of those with transfer, despite being older. Today, cars with more 50, popularly called "almond trees" are a danger within  cities, they do not have the necessary technical form ensure their proper functioning, however they spend two requirements, the FICAV, known as "SOMATOM" and re-inspection traffic police, but everyone knows that the authorization to roll and is priced quite high, even for state vehicles.

Those who bought cars without change, when they need to procedures are up blackmailed by the former owners, who require any money for them in person to places involved.

The removal of the restriction of sale for this type of cars and their transfers, motor changes, which are also illegal; alleviate many problems, even if the sale is recognized in the time they are made, as some vendors have died or left the country.

On December 16, 2010, during one of his interventions  in the People's National Assembly, Raul Castro said: "In the relationships between two individuals do not have to put the State nor the Government, or anyone. Why do we have to get into the life of the people? ". Two days later, during the closing ceremony, reaffirmed the said as follows: "The state regulates its relations with the individual, but the state does not have to put in anything that is trying to regulate the relations between two individuals. "

But what is said once and it can be different. A example is the intervention of Raúl Castro, 20 November  2010, in a recess of the enlarged meeting of the Council of Ministers, when directed to those responsible for implementing the aqueduct Santiago de Cuba, said: "The pressure to fulfill his word can not induce them to commit new mistakes. " From the above it can conclude that for him, your word no value.
That's why suddenly the opportunity to buy and sell housing became: "Policy for more flexible procedures related to housing. " Recently the national press reported certain aspects that should these transactions. Some even think there will be solutions, without considering that from what has  published, the State will continue in the middle of everything, even to buy  home, apartment or room, will have to deposit money the Bank. Then comes the question where does this cash?
In the case of vehicles, will be paying tax on Real Estate and transmission. To calculate this set  reference values ​​by class and year of manufacture, which apply when the transaction amount is not declared by the parties, or is  less than this. This implies that the state will determine the sale price.
In both cases, housing and vehicles, establishing transactions that transfer of ownership will be made to a notary, which means that it moves the corruption in the different levels of housing and transportation to the notaries. Everything has been in an exchange.

Havana, June 14, 2011.