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Cuba begins in the trial of a Spanish corruption of minors charged with

A Havana court began today The trial of the Spanish businessman Sebastián Martínez Ferraté that in 2008 made a TV report on child prostitution in island and Cuban prosecutors who asked 15 years in prison for allegedly  corruption of minors and procuring.

Havana, EFE July 18, 2011
At the hearing, which was not available to foreign press have begun to declare several witnesses, including some of the young people who appeared in the television report, filmed with camera hidden and issued by a Spanish private channel.
In a break from session, the consul of Spain in Cuba, Pablo Barrios told Ferraté correspondents Martinez, 57, declaring innocent of the crimes for which prosecutors accused the Cuban also made a first statement to the court.
According Spanish consul, whose assistance is delivered in view, the trial tour  around the television documentary, which screened during the session.
The diplomat said his impression is that the trial is to show that young people interviewed in the report did not were telling the truth and were induced to testify certain things about child prostitution.
"I think they judging the film. The way I see what you are judging is that it is  documentary (where) who are talking do not tell the truth about what they do and are induced to say certain things, "said Barrios.
Ferraté Sebastian Martinez was arrested a year ago to its arrival in Havana on a business or CEO of a  Spanish hotel chain.
He had previously been on the island between 2007 and 2008 to the aforementioned report.
Between the completion of the program and his arrest, the employer had returned to the island on numerous occasions.
If  the ruling on this case is guilty, the Spanish consulate in Havana insist in calling for the expulsion of Spain Martínez Ferraté on humanitarian grounds because, according to the consulate, employer is in a deep depression.
In today's hearing began to mourn the employer to court when he made his first statement, said the Spanish consul.
From  his arrest in July last year, Martinez has remained Ferraté in the prison of the Countess, in the town of Guines, about 60 kilometers from Havana.

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A government that represses women

Why 'friends and supporters' Americans have eyes and ears to official Cuba?
Miriam Leiva, Havana | 27/10/2006 
"Free the Cuban Five". With shouts, banners, pennants and posters  Americans, Canadians and Cubans marched through the streets of Washington DC to the White House on 23 September. In Cuban television spoke of thousands of people in the "capital of empire ", but only showed pictures where the demonstration seemed significant.
The organizers of the racket were Andrew Gomez, leader of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, Gloria la Riva, the Answer Coalition, and the Rev. Lucius Walker of Pastors for Peace among others. Then they went to the campus of George Washington University Washington for talks and more demands.
These people practically have in Havana and make your second home propaganda campaigns throughout the United States, Puerto Rico included.  They meet with senior Cuban government, the PCC, the Union of Young Communists, and other organizations are invited from Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), regulars at the tables Round and Cuban television news, recruiting followers for  his activities on behalf of the regime and speak bitterly about all the U.S. institutions.
I'm happy with that can benefit from the imperfect Yankee democracy. Not yet seen repression against them and their followers, or have been imprisoned for criticizing President Bush, among other things, having "Unjustly" imprisoned five Cubans who have been accused of spies and other charges. For less than that in the perfect democracy revolutionary would be thrown in a stinking dungeon, and as little fulfilled three years for contempt. Not receive visits from friends domestic or foreign, nor could take pictures or letters with  worldwide.
Have known, a Sunday, Andrew Gomez in the Santa Rita de Casia Church, taking pictures and videos to Damas de Blanco. It has never been identified or addressed to them. Neither has found references in their advertising exposure, nor knows what has made those shots.
Neither has seen the Gloria La Riva humanitarian interest to know the arguments of those women from the March 30, 2003 by stubbornly walk Miramar Fifth Avenue and other streets of Havana, always followed by the State Security.
What to say of the pious Reverend Lucius Walker! He has traveled from Canada to Mexico with the school buses Old-yellow-buses, making trouble at the border of the United Together with their computers, until in 2006, to his amazement and frustration, had no problem spending their precious goods to Mexican side.
Repression every day
These  people seem to have eyes and ears to official Cuba, the of totalitarianism and repression. Did not read the Proclamation Organizing Committee of the XIV Summit of the Movement of  NAM, which were suspended all activities sports, cultural and recreational activities, and prohibited the movement groups of people in large areas of Havana? There was no option for use elsewhere.
Not seem to know that before beginning of the XIV Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, "the warning "came to the pastors of the churches, especially the Fifth Avenue in Miramar, who were asked to contribute to that had no "clutter" around. Difficult circumstances to  priests and faithful, monitored inside and outside the temple by the Security, including the Ladies in White, who in those days commemorating three years and six months of arbitrary detention of the 75 Prisoners of Conscience of the Black Spring of 2003.




By Luis Mario
It is a gentleman, for those whimsical ironies of Democracy, is the Chief Chief of the armed forces of a country that not only refused to defend during the Vietnam War, it sided with the enemy to go protest the war in the same premises of the Soviet Union. It is a man who since September 1994, prohibited the CIA conduct covert operations in Cuba, and did not allow recruitment of more agents intended to destabilize the communist government.
It is a man who made a pact with Castro, to convert simple illegal immigrants to the politically persecuted. It was a direct attack Cuban exile, who always had the privilege granted to refugees from communism.
Do not forget that the Rio Grande down, punishes any country who try to emigrate to the United States or treated as traitors to the homeland. This happens only in Cuba. It is a man who constantly unequivocally endorse any movement of Marxist origin, cooperative with Castro, as he has done with the Pastors for Peace graduates who have gifted the Caribbean island with computers and other enhancers oppression.
It is a gentleman when the February 24, 1996 Castro topple the Migs international waters in the two planes of Brothers to the Rescue, killing in air at three U.S. citizens and resident, said that retaliation support the Helms-Burton Act, for repeatedly refusing later every six months to sign the Title III, which is the only truly cash in that law.
It is a man who in July 1997 was denied political asylum to Joseph Leonardo Fernandez Pupo, despite the court verdict of not guilty on kidnapping air. That just repeated the feat with the player Andy Morales. Those Democracy trusted men. Return to Cuba is red Coliseum send them to the wild beasts devour Castro.
It is a gentleman on l5 June 1998, at a press conference solidarity with the Cuban official demagoguery, spoke without embarrassment of the "desire Cuban government to maintain its health system to maintain its commitment to bring universal literacy to its citizens poor. That is a laudable and commendable thing ... "It was a clear statement public sympathy or fear of Castro, and as such has been true to that aberrant tilt, taking every opportunity it has had on ingratiate themselves with the body that for 41 years has been the most hostile and supreme U.S. hater.
It is a man who accepted contributions from China for his campaign, and appointed as Secretary of Commerce paid a Chinese official, Johnny Huang, who had access to sensitive documents to the defense of the United States, promoting the transfer of weapons technology to high the communist country.
It is a man who, working in coordination with Castro, and following their orders, and checked everything with 3.000 in the hands of official documents Judicial Watch, which led to the order of 151 armed federal agents Elian Gonzalez wrested from the hands of their relatives in Miami. After has allowed in Wye Plantation in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland first, and Youth For Understanding the building in Cleveland Park, Washington later, a school of communist indoctrination expected that judges fail to end the innocent Elian, who does not given the opportunity to one day in family court.
A pioneer scarf stifling communist Elian's father hung the child's neck, is not only a cruel mockery to the sacrifice of the mother who died to save him, but also an insult to freedom within their own United States.
But what else can be expected from a man who, during the celebration a mass in an African country, will stand before a priest in the sacred moment of the Eucharist and communion as a Catholic more ... without Catholic?
What is not capable of making a man who, as head of the executive headquarters of the only superpower in the world, uses the premises of the Oval Office-the presidents who have spent so many worthy-to satisfy their appetites sex, lie to the people that their vote took him to the position that holds and, still smiling, humiliates his family and universally fosters international ridicule of the country represented by him? However, this man is the most important political figure in the world President of the United States of America, a wonderful nation of liberty without restrictions. Lesson that the Communists will never learn: a modest Cuban journalist, as I said publicly and with impunity, all what you think about this man. And in its own territory. God save America!

Luis Mario

Diario Las Americas
June 15, 2000

Friendship Caravan will arrive in Reynosa

July 19, 2011 (14:58:24)
- Pastors for Peace bring humanitarian aid to Cuba

David Diaz / EnLíneaDIRECTA

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.-Once again as has happened year after year, Caravan of Friendship with Cuba, makes its way over land reynosenses, which aims to carry 100 tons of aid humanitarian country.
According to information provided by the Interim Co-Director Ellen Bernstein reported that more than 100 U.S. citizens, Canadians and Europeans cross the border between the U.S. and Mexico heading to Cuba to deliver 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Cuba challenging the trade and travel embargo imposed by the U.S. against Cuba.
Such assistance includes computers and pencils, hammers and pipe up medicines and portable solar panels, the caravan has traveled 13  U.S. routes, stopping in 130 U.S. cities and Canada  has finally come to McAllen, Texas, preparing for the challenge crossing the border on July 20.

He said that this day will hold the Pastors for Peace will have a wheel  press Our Savior Lutheran Church, located in McAllen, Texas, which will be surrounded by items of humanitarian aid and 14 vehicles ornate and brightly painted, including school buses  to be delivered to Cuba.
Representatives of the Pastors for Peace, offered statements and  interviews about the reasons why participants caravan commit such an act of civil disobedience and the caravan does not ask  permission to travel to Cuba and also talk about what they experience in Cuba.

He mentioned the representative of the Friendship Caravan, which among these representatives will be the president of the board Rev. of IFCO. Thomas E. Smith, who commented that the requirement  to obtain U.S. government permission to travel to Cuba.
"It restricts our ability to act as friends and neighbors Cuban people. This violates our right to freedom of expression religious, political thought, association and travel, we end such permits, love is our permission, "he said.
"The inhuman blockade that can not be argued that the U.S. impose  in Cuba affect all Cubans, from those with the who can not get cancer drugs that can save their lives to children whose schools do not have enough pencils, "  said co-director of IFCO interim Ellen Bernstein.
"The effects of this blockade cruel not only experienced in Cuba but in the U.S., where unemployment during a recession and the embargo prevents trade with our neighbor who is at a distance of only 145 kilometers, "he said.
The participants of the caravan can see the island of Cuba, themselves  through a cultural and educational program. The caravan this year celebrate and honor the achievements of Cuban youth and highlight their everyday lives and experiences as well as biological gardens to visit, health centers, rural and urban communities and schools.
In addition to this year's caravan is also a tribute to life and Rev. spirit. Lucius Walker, Jr., the founding director of the IFCO / Pastors for Peace, which for 20 years conducted in a manner prophetic and visionary our caravans to Cuba defying the U.S. blockade in Cuba. Rev.. Walker died without suffer September 2010.
The Caravan of Friendship with Cuba Pastors for Peace, stressed is a project of the Interreligious Foundation for the Organization Community (IFCO, for its acronym in English), which has worked for racial justice, social, and economic since 1967.