Friday, July 22, 2011

Adonis's body back to Cuba...

The judge authorized the transfer of the Cuban body froze to death in a plane

El Pais / AGENCY - Madrid - 22/07/2011
The Court of Instruction No. 6, Madrid has already authorized the Forensic Anatomical Institute transfer to Cuba of the body of Adonis Guerrero Barrios, 23 year old Cuban girl found dead in the undercarriage of a plane had just arrived at Barajas airport from Havana.

Hallado un hombre muerto en el tren de aterrizaje de un vuelo de Cuba
Found a dead man in the landing gear on a flight from Cuba- CONTACT

As stated by the International Platform for Cuba Democracy Now,  court officials and the order sent on Wednesday to Anatomical Forensic Madrid. Legal sources have reported that the -transfer is technically not a return as the young man came to reside in Spain, probably died long before by temperatures below 50 degrees, will be managed by the Embassy of Cuba on behalf of the family of Adonis and will result in  next few hours.
The Iberia plane he was traveling in the young Flight-6620 - satellite building arrived at the terminal T-4 on 13.50 on 13 and when the staff serving the aircraft detected  the presence of the body, warned the Group of Judicial Police Civil Guard Barajas airport, which has took over the research. The victim was found naked on top body's rear landing gear.
The young killed by freezing,  progress as determined by autopsy. The body also presented symptoms of crushing the head and chest. The possibilities to survive hidden in the undercarriage of an aircraft in flight are "practically nil" due to lack of space and low temperatures, says the secretary of the pilots union SEPLA and fleet commander Iberia Airbus 340, Jose Maria Iscar. Without But before Adonis two known cases of Cubans who tried and they did, one Socarrás Armando Ramirez, who landed Thus in Madrid and managed to survive a 4 June 1969 to  17.
During these nine days have passed since the finding has remained in the Anatomical Forensic Madrid, where he autopsied. Nobody has approached, and who has no family in Madrid. In a statement, the platform sends its condolences to the family and Adonis friends, "another Cuban who has had the misfortune to find death trying to find freedom and dignified life. "From Platform warn that the case of Adonis is one of many similar "to thousands missing in the Straits of Florida, not even have grave. "" At least this time his family and friends will which bring flowers, "are over.


Waiting for a signal after case Gross

By Dalia Acosta *

THE  HAVANA, July 22 (IPS) - The review of the appeal of American Alan Gross, Cuba sentenced to 15 years in prison for crimes "against the independence or territorial integrity "of this Caribbean country, could lead to a favorable outcome for the accused, but not necessarily the impact on the course of relations with the United States.

"As a solution of good will, would  a positive sign, "he told IPS academic Esteban Morales specialized in the study of relations between Havana and Washington, on hearing of the case who made 22 on Friday Supreme Court of Cuba.

The results should be known in coming days announced Cubadebate website.

With the experience of having lived and served several times in bilateral history, Morales believes that the results of the Gross against need not lead to changes in Cuban politics Following U.S. President Barack Obama: flexible travel, remittances  and send packages, support for families and society contacts action, including political opposition.

A similar view was expressed in April to Professor Arturo IPS Lopez-Levy, the American University of Denver. Gross is the case  an "obstacle" but does not override "the dynamics generated by the Barack Obama administration, with a vision of foreign policy, in general, and of U.S. policy toward Cuba, particularly focusing on negotiation and exchange. "

However, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House U.S. Representatives on Thursday approved an amendment 21 restores the travel restrictions to Cuba taken by the president George W. Bush (2001-2009), which limited to once every three years of the Cuban community visits to their country of origin and were subsequently raised by Obama.

To be effective the initiative would have to be approved by the full lower house, harmonized with the version that comes out of the Senate  and overcome even a possible presidential veto. A similar path faces another proposal that attempts to limit the sending of remittances to this Caribbean island.

In this respect, the tendency to link with the release of Gross further steps towards a better climate between the two countries dates from the same time of the U.S. detention on the island, both Obama officials from sectors such as betting on a new hardening of U.S. policy toward Cuba.

An official Cuban said on 12 March that the American trial tested its participation "A subversive project of the government of the United States" against Cuba "Through the use of info-communications systems outside the control authorities to promote destabilization plans. "

Also, he added, at the hearing of the trial held on 4 and 5 that month, "the defendant admitted having been used and manipulated by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) subordinate to the State Department "(Foreign Ministry) of the United States.

When he was arrested in Cuba on December 3, 2009, Gross, 62 , worked for Development Alternatives (DAI), a company Headquartered in Bethesda, northern district of Washington, dedicated to development projects in other countries and is hired among others, by USAID.

According to U.S. officials, Gross is a person of "good will "which has helped many people in the world and whose activity in Cuba was limited to computers and cell phones give to organizations beans to improve their communication and access to information.

This position coincided with former President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) in his second visit Cuba, in late March. "I believe that Gross must be released because it is  guilty of a serious crime, "said on 30 news conference. There are many things you can do to get links normal bilateral considered.

Diplomatic sources, it is unlikely that the sentence commuted, but do not rule their reduction or even a possible "Pardon" the President at a later step.

While not a few observers call a solution "definitive", others  avoid any bet on the end of the story and consider it "Unpredictable".

The note posted by the website Cubadebate defined as "sentence definitive "that emanates from the highest judicial body. Gross" explained the relevant criteria considered and acknowledged the possibility of personally explain to the judges of the Supreme People's Court "  says the text.

A statement released earlier by the U.S. lawyer Gross, Peter J. Kahn reiterated the hope that the prisoner's family was released immediately after "having already served almost 20 months a Cuban jail. "Among other arguments, he appealed to the health of Gross, would have lost about 45 kilos since his arrest, and her mother and her daughter with cancer.

Meanwhile, the Cuban daily life follows its course marked by the process  "update" the economic model, the expectation to new government measures on ownership and participation each  increasingly active in emigration in the family economy, through small private businesses.

"I read about the case, but for me the important thing is I'm here. The political conflict is not defining the relationship I have with  my family and the money he left my mother, "said a Cuban IPS resident in the western U.S. city of Los Angeles, arrived this week to Havana on his second visit of the year.

"I hope everything is resolved. You get tired of living life problem problem, with the specter of enemy always lurking and hindering the best ideas. The conflict with the United States has always set the  Cuban reality in even the smallest details, "said a Havana historian of 34 years.

* With additional reporting by Patricia Grogg (Havana). (FIN/2011)