Saturday, July 30, 2011

Press Release of the Cuban Communicators Network Community...

                         Society / repressive maneuvers
Cuban Communicators Network Community want to acknowledge that several days ago has unleashed a campaign of intimidation against some of the communities, particularly verbally attacking the cheerleader Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello; death threats and violence to its physical integrity.

By Martha Beatriz Roque

Havana, July 18 / Clearly, the level of information  claim to have the menace, coming from the political police, the  acting on behalf of the government has decided to destabilize communities due to the work they do and so much disturbed, in  particular reference to the "Civil Society Conflict" and transfer of telephone messages to citizens not connected with opposition, as this violates the control has the regime media.
Alerted to these threats and we make clear that any This situation is not due to personal problems Network members, let alone people's reactions "energetic and seasoned, "but government retaliation.

Document 'The Way of the people'...

Fariña: 'I will sign a project that seeks the unity of the opposition'

"Our only political opponent at the moment is the Castro regime," he says.
The dissident Guillermo Fariñas referred Friday to the controversy raised by the document The journey of the peopleAnd said he would support any project that calls the peaceful unity of the opposition within.
Farinas, Sakharov Prize 2010 of the European Parliament, said he believes that the award must be used to support "all the brothers  who want to make any initiative of unity "and to time his firm has about six initiatives.
On The journey of the people said, "regardless of limitations that may exist and criticisms which have been done, "is" a document that seeks cohesion of the peaceful opposition Cuban. "
"Even there are brothers who have joined with objections, but they have signed because what we need now is unity, is together, "she told Radio Martí.
Concerning the statements of former political prisoner of the Group of 75 Oscar Elias Biscet,  who said that the document is "intensely socialist" and would to "save communism," Fariñas said that "freedom of expression "is one of rights by fighting the opponents.
"You can disagree with him, but we are fighting (...) to  that everyone can give their opinion (...) It is your right, is his vision and must be respected, "he said.
However, he asked those who want to criticize the paper adhere  their content. "What we should not do is fall in disqualification the brothers and, above all, project managers, "he said.
"Do not be afraid of controversy as it is respectful and  lose perspective, whether we have differences opposition between the different currents, "said Farina." Our single political opponent at the moment is the regime of Fidel and Raúl Castro. "
The dissident, who starred in more than two dozen strikes hungry to claim rights to the Cuban government, said that the opposition must make "a fusion of all the projects that are circulating within civil society to create a kind of statement principles "to collect" all points "in that match, and make dissent "speak with one voice" to the regime.