Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cuba Travel Services will begin nonstop flights to       Authorized Airports In Cuba From San Juan, Puerto Rico, Houston,       Texas and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Cuba Travel Services, Inc. ("CTS") announced today in which       received permission from the government of Cuba to begin flights from three       new airports in the United States authorized airports       Cuba. Airports in the United States from which CTS       begin flying to Cuba are: International Airport       Luis Munoz Marin in Puerto Rico (SJU) International Airport       Fort Lauderdale Florida (FLL) and Intercontinental Airport       Houston, Texas (IAH).
"Cuba Travel Services has plans to extend services       high quality charter and low cost to Cuba from the following       airports that were recently authorized to offer trips to       Cuba from the United States: Fort International Airport       Lauderdale (FLL) and Houston Intercontinental Airport "
According to Michael Zuccato, general manager of CTS services       nonstop and direct flights are expected to begin soon and       used in aircraft jet charter type Airbus, Boeing 737 and       MD-80 and ATR-72 aircraft to operate these flights as anticipated.       CTS is in negotiations with several major lines       airline to operate these flights. At present, CTS operates three routes       Cuba from the United States: Miami - Havana - Miami, Miami - Hundred       Fires - Miami, Los Angeles - Havana - Los Angeles. "CTS has been       serving Puerto Rico with an office in San Juan for more than eight       years. Our company is the sole operator of charter flights to Cuba       with offices in Puerto Rico and the only person authorized herein to       operate charter flights to Cuba. Our great desire is to continue serving       a passenger in the region duly authorized to travel both       Santiago and in Havana, Cuba provides an alternative means       inexpensive to do so, "said Michael Zuccato.
We know there is a large Cuban community in Puerto Rico       anticipate there will be a great interest in these direct flights and no       scale to Cuba. Due to recent changes in restrictions       travel to Cuba, Cuban-American people are entitled to       visit members of his family in Cuba many times as they wish       under a general license. Universities, religious organizations,       academic institutions, media members and others could       qualify for specific or general license. For more information       recent changes and expansion in authorized forms of       travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens, please visit       website Cuba Travel Services in or visit the website of the "Office of Foreign Assets       Control " / ofac.       "Cuba Travel Services has plans to extend services       high quality charter and low cost to Cuba from the following       airports that were recently authorized to offer trips to       Cuba from the United States: Fort International Airport       Lauderdale (FLL) and Houston Intercontinental Airport, "said       Michael Zuccato.
CTS has been serving Cuban-American community in the United       States for over 11 years. Since 2000, CTS has been providing       flights "charter" nonstop from Los Angeles to Havana and Miami       to Havana, and is recognized as the leading provider of these flights       from the United States to Cuba.
CTS was formed by a group of businessmen and professionals in       Los Angeles, specifically to facilitate better understanding between       the United States and Cuba by providing convenient and cheap       cost-effective for those who qualify to travel from       United States to Cuba under the existing regulations of the Department       Treasury and OFAC. As an operator of flights "charter" in the CTS       This offers ten flights a week between Miami and Cuba, and continues       offering cheap "charter" nonstop from Los Angeles to       Havana during certain times of year. For more information on Cuba       Travel Services can be contacted at 800-963-2822 Michael Zuccato, via       email or visit


Cuba Travel Services, Inc.
Michael Zuccato, 800-963-2822
Guillermo       J. Ramis, 787-782-2929

Supreme Court upheld 15 years of U.S. prison

  • 2011-08-06•Borders
Cuba's Supreme Court upheld the conviction of 15 years in prison  for "crimes against state security" to the U.S. Alan Gross, which closed the last legal recourse for their "immediate liberation, "as demanded by the U.S. government.
Washington rejected the decision and called automatically to Cuban authorities to "end the long agony" of Gross, a statement of the spokesman of the National Security Council House White, Tommy Vietor.
A Cuban official report stated yesterday that the decision of the Supreme  is "definitive" and "dismissing" the appeal made by Gross and his lawyers against the decision of the Provincial Court of Havana March 11. At this time, the pardon is only the U.S. presidential, 62, can be released before reaching their verdict.
Gross was arrested in December 2009 when the island divided satellite communications equipment, as a subcontractor Agency United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Cuban Justice Gross held it proved that "introduced, so illegal means to create internal networks Infocomm, as part of a program of the U.S. government (through the USAID), aims to promote destabilizing actions in the country and subvert the constitutional order. "
Gross's family is "absolutely devastated and remains hopeful that there may be a diplomatic solution, "said its U.S. lawyer Peter part Kahn.
The case "has further complicated relations between Washington and Havana, after the president made some gestures Barack Obama  openness ", according to experts.