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The Psychology Of The Dark Knight: Batman Unmasked...Documentary...

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are both excellent sources of entertainment, but they also offer a complex and interesting dissection of a man who learned to use his own fear against criminals.

Good to go: Cuba....LPP Archive...

Good to go: Cuba, Madrid, Kefalonia

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cuba Libre
With its jungles, Caribbean beaches and historic towns, a trip to Cuba is ripe with opportunity. Virgin Holidays is offering a one-week stay at the three-star Hotel Telegrafo (above), which was built in Havana's colonial Old Town in 1860, for £599 per person. Based on departures from Gatwick on 19 or 22 June, the price includes flights with Virgin Atlantic and a buffet breakfast.
Beat the heat
A trip to Madrid is best enjoyed before the mercury soars during the summer. Travel on 5 June with easyJet Holidays and stay for three nights at the Hostal Ballesta for £122 per person, room only. The price includes return flights from Luton. Though the hotel is basic, its central location makes it easy to explore the architectural feats of the Plaza Mayor, the expanses of Retiro Park, and the shopping on the Gran Vía.
Ionian idyll
Still pondering half-term options? There are still deals to be had. For example, a family break on Kefalonia with Ionian Island Holidays. Stay in a two-bedroom suite at the Kalokeri Apartments for £493 per person for a self-catering week. The price includes return flights from either Gatwick (with Monarch) or Manchester (with bmi) departing on 28 May. Resort transfers, a welcome hamper and three days' car hire are also included.


Story Image
Swimmer Diana Nyad, 61,announces her 103-mile crossing between Cuba and Key West in Florida (AP)
Sunday August 7,2011
US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is making final preparations for her bid to become the first person to swim the 103-mile Florida Straits without the aid of a shark cage.
US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is making final preparations for her bid to become the first person to swim the 103-mile Florida Straits without the aid of a shark cage.

Nyad is spending the day eating, hydrating and meeting with members of her support team ahead of the swim from the Cuban capital Havana to the Florida Keys.

The 61-year-old swimmer will be accompanied by 45 people on five boats during the trip, which is expected to take about 60 hours.

Special equipment will surround her with an electric current that Nyad will not notice, but will keep most sharks at bay. Divers will be at hand to discourage those that get curious.

She expects to depart within a few hours.
Another brutal attack against the Ladies in White
August 20 - Mobs organized by the Cuban regime attacked more than 40 members and supporters of Ladies in White on Thursday.
Berta Soler, spokeswoman for the Ladies in White said it was the worst violence against the group since the Catholic Church interceded in their behalf last spring.
Soler said the mob punched, slapped and kicked the women, spit on them, pulled their hair and ripped some of their clothes to break up the women’s attempt to stage a street protest Thursday.
Soler said Thursday’s attack was the harshest in Havana since March of last year, when the Catholic Church urged the government to halt an increasingly violent string of aggressions against the women during their regular Sunday protests
“This was a very violent act by the government,” she said, adding that the harassments against the Ladies in White, who demand the release of all political prisoners, have been growing more violent since December.
Cuban dissidents are reporting increased government repression across the island this year, amid speculation that the government is applying a tough hand as it tries to enact ambitious and risky reforms to overhaul the island’s economy.
More proof that whether one Castro or another is in power, the Cuban people can only expect the same brutality they have been getting for almost 53 years. The Miami Herald   Canada Free Press
Will Venezuela's gold become Fidel's gold?
August 19 - Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez said on Thursday that he will remove Venezuela's international gold reserves from the United States and Europe and place them in countries with "solid" economies like China, Russia and Brazil.
A well known Venezuelan journalist, Rafael Poleo, wrote a column this morning titled "El Oro de Fidel es la versión remozada del Oro de Moscú" (Fidel's Gold is the new version of Moscow's Gold).
The term Moscow Gold refers to the operation by which 510 tonnes of gold, corresponding to 72.6% of the total gold reserves of the Bank of Spain, were transferred from their original location in Madrid to the Soviet Union on orders of Stalin a few months after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. It was never returned to Spain again.
Poleo believes that Castro has told Chávez to send Venezuela's gold reserves to Cuba and if that's the case, Venezuela will never see that gold again.
Read Poleo's column here (Spanish) and the news about Chávez plan to bring to pull the gold reserves from the US and Europe here

Dissident house stoned...

Human Rights / Riddle: What is the hand that moves the cradle?
Elements government supporters stoned the home of an opponent in town jatiboniquense Aug. 14.

By Ana Margarita Perdigon

Sancti Spiritus, Aug. 17 / Yayabo Press / In the night of Saturday, unknown persons stoned the house of activist Jorge Reyes Llerena democracy, located at street number Francisco Vargas  37 in the town of Arroyo Blanco, in the municipality Jatibonico Spiritus.
Jorge, who belongs to the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights (FCDH)  said: "I have no personal problems with any of my countrymen; why I believe that this aggression is because of my rebellious attitude. "
Also a member of the independent union Unitary Council Cuban Workers (CUTC) continued: "It is the first time I suffer attacks. Previously have left dead animals on my site, only thing that has happened in my house. "
Reyes Llerena He concluded: "I denounce these facts to the Cuban government and  his political police, and take responsibility for what may happen not  only with me but with my elderly mother Blanca, 81 , who lives with me. " 


Cuba Tourism, Visits Are a Positive Development for U.S.

By Matthew Hartmann | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 22 hrs ago
COMMENTARY | Only 90 miles off the coasts of the Florida Keys is a lively country that the majority of American citizens alive today haven't had the opportunity to visit.
The restrictions on traveling to Cuba that have been in place since Feb. 3, 1963 are slowly beginning to be lifted after nearly five decades of using economics to weaken the reign of the Communist party in Cuba. (This has, ultimately, been a failure when one considers that although there have been multiple administrations since 1963 Fidel Castro remained in power up until a few years ago and even then he still wields a strong influence over Cuban politics.)
Although the ability to travel to Cuba is currently only for a few unique groups such as Cuban-Americans, scholars and journalists, this is potentially the beginning of a new era of relations with a country that whether those in the United States like it or not is a neighboring sovereign state. As Fidel Castro, his brother Raul Castro and the rest of the inner circle begin to get older, it's only a matter of time before a younger generation of leaders comes into power in Cuba that may be more willing to open a dialogue with the United States.
Although it's difficult to say what's going to happen in the long term the one obvious detail is that the trade embargo on Cuba have proven fruitless. Although the purpose of the embargo was to weaken the Castro administration and force it out of power after decades of following this policy the only people who are truly hurting are the poor civilians in Cuba. A new era has begun in which we should consider strengthening our ties with one of our closest neighbors in order to have a more peaceful coexist. In the bigger picture improving relations with Cuba would alleviate some of the Iranian influence on the Americas. (Cuba currently looks positively at the government in Tehran, leading the way for other leaders such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to follow suit.) Improved relations would allow our two peoples to have cultural exchanges that would allow both nations to prosper.
The continued trade embargo on Cuba comes down to one detail that must be addressed no matter how uncomfortable it may be to admit it. The vice that keeps this policy going is one of pride from a different era. The Cold War is over everywhere except for Cuba. It's time to change that and move forward to the opportunities that tomorrow may yet bring to our two peoples.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DICTATORSHIP AND DEMOCRACY...Police intimidating and threatening further political directors Press Talk...

                       Cuba / Repression and Human Rights


Robert J. War shows a satellite map of the prison Nieves Morejon
where he remained for nearly a year in detention along with three prisoners of the Group of 75.

Magaly Norvis take pictures of the Ladies in White in a park
adjacent to Santa Rita. Photo: Talk Archive Press.
Cubamatinal / Wednesday August 17th at 10:00 am Norvis Magaly Suárez Otero and Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, members of the management of our agency, presented to an official summons had left Lt. Thomas Bodies State security police unit for the Infanta and Mangrove in Cerro occasion of an interview.
Let Editorial Press
Havana, August 18 / CihPress / Magaly and Roberto tell the interview, so if you could call that lasted about three hours, and was directed by Tomas Tamayo, who now holds the position of Octavio, true repressor of independent journalists.
The "interview" "was based on threats and intimidation by performing our journalistic publications in various international media agency, as well as a great concern about the publication of issues concerning human rights violations in prisons," said Roberto to the editor .
He said that "among the indirect threats and intimidation was again applying the Law" (88, known for Gag) "for violating it."
The official "this time Tamayo wore a tuxedo and carried military rank of lieutenant colonel and said he was now one of the leaders of the Section 21", headquarters of the Department of State Security, located in the municipality in the City of Marianao Havana.
For its part, Magaly, with most of his family abroad, he said "I was threatened that if he did not go to Santa Rita to meet with the Ladies in White would not give me an exit permit (white card) to visit My son lives in Spain and my four brothers in America. "
Roberto said, "Tamayo said the papers we publish are very strong." 'They use words like regime, dictatorship and assassinations. Charges are not accepted. We can not criminalize the political offenses such as defamation. "
Roberto, founder of our agency in 2009, says "the regime is scared by the number of independent journalists who have been trained this year and continue to serve in the courses offered by the Florida International University."
"The intimidation and threats against the independent press in the not too distant future may become a crackdown as 2003, in fact Raul Castro recently warned about return Tamayo Law 88 and confirmed it today," 'when our revolution sits threatened to imprison all '.
"Clearly the regime is concerned, independent journalists, we are sawing off the floor, presenting the information that does not give the official press."
Press Talk has denounced excessive repression this year against correspondents in different parts of the country. Two of them were physical assaults.
"We call again for organizations that protect journalists who report acts of threats and intimidation are also a serious violation of freedom of expression," said Roberto.
Let's headquarters Press, Santa Marta 394 lies in the municipality Centro Habana, Ciudad de La Habana. Your site can be viewed on digital .

A nice gesture ...Opinion...Lates News...

A nice gesture
Written by indicators in fisheries   
Friday, August 19, 2011 11:55
By: Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

On 1st. August during the Seventh Session Ordinary of the Seventh Legislature of the National Assembly Popular, Raul Castro in his closing speech, referred to the need to reduce and modify prohibitions and regulations decisions that needlessly endured. He said quote: "... Take this opportunity to inform Members and citizens that we are working to implement the Update current migration policy "...

This "will" transform the input and output capabilities the country has created great expectations in the Cuban nation. Must note that in his words, Raul Castro referred to the condition economic migrants from most of those who leave, explaining the aspirations to improve standards of living are the main motivation for migration in general, but yet ever mentioned the Cuban Adjustment Act, which "has caused many deaths of innocents ", which aims to remove the current liability regime for expatriates go on naval rudimentary.

However, suggesting that solutions will be "water warm "is the fact that it arises that the relaxation of immigration policy will take into account the right of the State revolutionary defend interventionist and subversive plans U.S. government and its allies as well as those called "Reasonable countermeasures" to preserve the human capital created by the Revolution, from theft of talent.

This explanation can be inferred that at least there are already two suggested restrictions: the first would be for internal dissent and members of the exile who worked for the establishment of democracy in Cuba, and the second for college graduates sensitive to the dictatorship careers such as medicine, computer science, international relations, etc..

Perhaps then dreams, who thinks being at the airport Jose Marti International or any other of the island, traveling  another country without having to file a "white card" as a license  out and pay 150 CUC (convertible Cuban peso) for this kind of charter of freedom of the slaves, or having left behind in the hands of  government, all goods that could accumulate during its existence, including your bank account.

In the unlikely event that this goal become a reality, and everything went "without a hitch," would be the stigma of an incalculable -number of prisoners in Cuban jails, on charges of input and illegally leaving the country, under Articles 246, 247 and 248 of the Penal Code, punishable in many cases they have victims of immigration restrictions and some of them serving long sentences for repeat offenders and multirreincidentes be.

The vast majority of the Cuban people would very much welcome that these prisoners were offered an amnesty so that they could recover their lives-with his family and take the time to allow  out "without prohibitions" of the country and realize what I was cut short.

If you collect signatures to support this demand, many citizens willing to give them. If they made a plebiscite to Would you ask amnesty for crimes punishable by Migration The answer surely is: YES.

The removal of these sentences could then be considered a good gesture by those in power and step on the road "Change." And so far we do not see the path where will move to solve the many problems that through the Cuban nation.

For a little to calm the tense situation in which lives average citizen, stripped of compliance to the very Socialist Constitution, because the actions of individuals and society are not attached to the legality and even less respect for the full dignity of man should consider immediate solutions, and  This is well aware of the government, which is out now  -Too late in defense of ethics and respect for legality, with the idea of ​​a process of institutionalization, but until Now, are all words.

Ciudad Havana, August 11, 2010.

Castro mobs violently attack the Ladies in White


Miembros de las Damas de Blanco son hostigadas por partidarios del Gobierno cubano en marzo de 2011, frente a un domicilio de La Habana (Cuba) donde estaban reunidas con otros disidentes para conmemorar el octavo aniversario de la ola represiva de la "Primavera Negra" de 2003. EFE/Rolando Pujol
Members of the Ladies in White are harassed by government supporters Cuban Government in March 2011, compared to a home in Havana (Cuba) where they were meeting with other dissidents to mark the eighth anniversary of the crackdown the "Black Spring" of 2003. EFE / Rolando Pujol

On Thursday, a mob organized by the Cuban government to hit nearly 50 women members and supporters of the Ladies in White in which a spokesman described as the most violent reaction against women's organization in Havana since the Catholic Church interceded for her in early pasado.Berta Soler, a spokesman the group, said the mob hit, kicked and spat at women, halándoles hair and broke some clothes for them so sought to block a protest march against similar attacks the female group in the east of the country in the last four weeks.
Several of the 47 women who were attacked reported have suffered bruises but none required medical attention, reported Soler by telephone from his home in the capital cubana.Laura Pollan leader of the Ladies in White, said the women left their home to make a protest against the violence continues against members and supporters in Santiago de Cuba, but that just walked a block when they themselves were attacked with fury.
The confrontation was the worst of its kind that happens in Havana from spring of 2010, when Roman Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino interceded with the government to end the violent attacks  occurred when the group celebrated their usual walks protest Sunday, said Soler. "This was an act of great violence by the government, "said Soler, who later added that the  harassment against members and supporters of the Damas de Blanco, who demanding the release of all political prisoners has increased diciembre.Los dangerously from Cuban dissidents have said that government repression has grown throughout the island this year.
The Human Rights activists speculate that the government wants to show that is tough at times trying to put implemented reforms to change the country's economy.