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Cuba absent from Latin America-US agenda, until a change: Insulza
September 8, 2011 15:11

The issue of Cuba will be absent from the agenda of dialogue between Latin America and the United States until there is a real change Washington to Havana, estimated Thursday the Secretary-General  Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza.
"If  no change in U.S. policy, there is what talk to us about Cuba, "Insulza said at the annual forum  Corporacion Andina de Fomento (CAF).
"There has been dialogue real between Latin America and the United States on Cuba for many years, "said the head of the OAS, an organization that reversed in 2009 Cuba suspension in effect since 1962.
Havana has made it clear however that has no interest in returning to the OAS.
Insulza  recognized "exciting changes" from Washington to Cuba under the President Barack Obama, who eased some sanctions against island, which has no formal relations with the United States for half a century.
"But until there is a more significant change, I think the situation will remain the same," said Insulza.
America  America "does not think it worthwhile to continue talks," and the issue of insurance does not arise at the Summit of the Americas next April in Colombia, bringing together the leaders of the continent, he added general secretary.

Hopes that increased release U.S. defendant


THE  HAVANA-A surprise visit by Bill Richardson, former governor of New  Mexico has revived hopes that soon a free Cuba U.S. government subcontractor whose imprisonment has hampered efforts to improve relations between the two countries. Ricardo Alarcon, head of Parliament and who usually one of the leading voices on issues relating to the United States, praised  Richardson on Thursday and called "victim" at the U.S. prison.
Alarcon said he was unaware whether to allow former Gov. leave the island along with Alan Gross, born in Maryland, who turns a sentence of 15 years in prison for team bring communications to Cuba illegally.
"I do not know Bill program. I'm no soothsayer. I only know what they say they told him," said Alarcon.
But  the moderate legislator also offered words of Gross, who worked in a program to strengthen democracy-financed by the  U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID for their  acronym in English) - when he was arrested in December 2009.
"This  is a country of laws and must be followed. It is unfortunate that this gentleman has been the victim of a policy. They have used it, "he said.
Alarcon also praised the efforts of Richardson to improve
the  ties between Washington and Havana, which include asking the release of five Cuban agents on the island, known as the "Five Companions "- serving long prison sentences in the United States. "Bill has raised many times their efforts to improve relations between the two countries. It's legitimate. Something noble. Hopefully have results, "said the legislator." I also remember that Bill has said one of the things that must be resolved between the two countries is the release of five imprisoned comrades in the United States. "
From  Washington has long insisted that the case has nothing Gross in common with the five Cuban agents who were found guilty in Miami in 2001, and this time it is impossible exchange of prisoners. Havana considers "Five Partners" heroes  because they were monitoring national anti-Castro groups in United States, and says he does not represent a security threat national of that country.
Since his arrival on Wednesday, Richardson has held reservations about the reasons for his visit, although on Thursday said he does not expect immediate results.
"No I have nothing to say, "he told The Associated Press as he and two Attendees came from the famous Hotel Nacional in Havana wearing shorts and shirts for a morning walk on the boardwalk the capital. "I will talk with you some day."
Richardson,  who also was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations,  has an extensive background in obtaining the release of prisoners and a working relationship with Cuba's leaders.
Gross has said he was only trying to help the small Jewish community of Cuba improve access to the internet, and had no desire to offend country's government. In testimony filed with the court in March and  his lawyer announced last week, the contractor described as a "silly confident."
Apparently the court  not moved and found him guilty of crimes against the state Cuba. Subsequently, the Supreme Court upheld the decision, which left the U.S. with no other legal recourse.
Anne-Marie Garcia in Havana contributed to this report.
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Cuba denounced in the highest level of police violence against dissidents

Denuncian en Cuba el más alto nivel de violencia policial contra disidentes
The "level of violence  police against peaceful dissidents was the highest in recent years, "denounced the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and Reconciliation Nacional (CCDHRN).
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According to Human Rights Commission

HAVANA - The "level of police violence against peaceful dissidents was the highest in the recent years, "denounced the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN).

"In August 2011 we documented  at least 243 short-term detention (some for over a week) and 9-organized acts of repudiation by the large and ubiquitous secret political police, "says the CCDHRN in a document released to the foreign press in Havana.

In a statement, the illegal but tolerated CCDHRN said in the first eight months of this year have been at least 2.221 detention "arbitrary below 24 hours or for several days "for political reasons, 1,091 more than the same period of 2010.

The text states that in August "the level of police violence against peaceful dissidents was the highest in the  recent years, with the main victims women seeking defend the rights of association, assembly and demonstration peaceful. "

It states that in such cases involved women who carried out "nonviolent action" mainly in localities of the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

'Brutal repression'

In  this sense, the CCDHRN asserts that "has no doubt as to that the order was issued brutally repress or approved from the highest level of neo-Stalinist regime that prevails in Cuba for more than half a century. "

The Cuban Catholic Church on Monday the Government of President Raul Castro told him that "since no  center of national decision "have been ordered these acts of aggression people.

Las Damas de Blanco, a movement that advocates release of political prisoners in Cuba, had asked the week passed to the Church his speech to the Government to cease the "harassment" against them during their demonstrations.

The  CCDHRN warned that the figures in his report are "an indicator statistic that reflects the sustained worsening status of all civil and political rights in Cuba "after five years of Raul Castro as President of the Republic.

In addition,  believes that this trend "will persist in the short or medium deadlines due to the refusal of the scheme as to introduce true that Cuba needs modernizing reforms and to ratify and meet the two Covenants on Human Rights of the UN. "

Of  According to the group data, there are currently some 67 Cubans "Subject to politically motivated convictions" on the island, and they 17 are under "parole."

The document highlights  that last August was "not released any prisoners or sentenced by so-called 'crimes against the state' "in the country, nor occurred in the previous three months.

Between July 2010 and April  2011, Cuban authorities released progressively to 126 political prisoners, a process that was mediated by the Church  Cuban Catholic and the Spanish Government.


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The detention is to prevent the attendance of the Ladies in White to  the procession this evening by the day of the Charity to held in Santiago de Cuba, and is expected to be massive.
More than a score of Damas de Blanco were arrested Thursday   then participate in the Mass for the feast of Our Lady of "  Caridad del Cobre  "  in the sanctuary located in Santiago de Cuba.

Several   sources of internal dissent on the island indicated that between detainees are Laura Pollan, Belkis Cantillo, Aimee Garces Mildred Noemi Montoya and Tania Sanchez.

The system installed in El Cobre  an extensive police operation since the early hours of the morning and the women were intercepted by a bus, which crossed the street, about 150 meters from the Sanctuary and mounted -Without violence, and the bus left for the city of Santiago de Cuba.Última Updated on Thursday, September 8, 2011 20:50

The Virgin of the Cuban

From the Basilica at El Cobre, looks to be bathed in the love that radiates.
Photo: EFE
Three ships led the Spanish conquerors to the New World. One, the flagship Santa Maria never called  returned to Europe, being destroyed on the island of Spanish.  It seems thus that the Blessed Virgin we symbolized his desire to remain forever among our peoples, Marian par excellence.

Like all American nations Cuba also has a special devotion to the Mother of the Redeemer. It all started at the beginning  seventeenth century, when three men struggled after a storm the Bay of Nipe in search of salt. A white glow to them found a bird lying on the water. Approaching found a small  Our Lady's image floating on a table with a sign said: "I am the Virgin of Charity."

The fact was not miraculous  finding a dry image after the storm subsided, which  could be thrown into the sea, as was customary at that time, imploring protection from bad weather. The miracle was that she decided  together forever with the Cuban people under the title of the Virgin Love, because Charity is Love

Soon his cult spread and was venerated, being present throughout the Cuban task. Devotion became part of people's values, being the standard of spiritual cravings of a country that took the first steps to become a nation, seeking economic independence and freedom  political-social.

Mary of Charity went to the jungle fighting alongside their children to Spanish colonialism. He suffered his people with slaves, prisoners and baggage Mambi and died with everyone who offered up their lives for the ideal homeland. But resurrected also interwoven into the new republic, hopeful and full  illusions despite his shadow, did not mind the sacrifice  avail.

Members of the Liberation Army led by  Rabbi Jesus general, asked the Holy See to declare this Mambisa Virgin, Patroness of Cuba. Thus emerged a new era in the small big-hearted nation. But the Virgin, whose throbbing beats in unison  his sons saw coming gray days and difficult, which led to a rather than long dark night.

The hatred, the antithesis of love  she preaches, seized power and then the men, control their minds and actions. Fierce battle ensued between the  forces of good and evil, always well defined, although modern doomsayers want to deny it.

At times, endless then for years, firing squad could not hide the and virile agonized cry of their sons and daughters killed, cheering Christ the King.

The prisons grew so much that the archipelago  turned into a big prison. The Cuban has been persecuted, repressed,  beaten and humiliated, but the mantle of Our Lady of Charity Copper continues to cover one, giving us all on your site boat.

From the Basilica at El Cobre, looks to be bathed the love that radiates, but she does not remain static, moved to wherever we are, as well as among the heroes who died for the country, in prison with opponents and prisoners of conscience in the streets and temples with the Ladies in White repressed and beaten, with dissidents and protesters who have been hacked up, the boat people arriving and the many who fall prey to the sea possessed, or as the alter ego of the fighters who clung to rifle and still look the same as a means of redemption.

Mother, look  your children suffering from a cruel tyranny, give us a place in your boat protect us under your mantle to be next to you love, and help us build hope "... with the help of all and for the sake of all ", a decent country, sovereign and democratic, based on truth, justice, love and freedom.