Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cuba loses friends

Guillermo  I. Martínez |
The Americas Cover what happens in Cuba outside is difficult and often repetitive. It is difficult because it is impossible to verify the information independently. One has to rely on the information given government officials or that one hears of dissidents.
And so far was repetitive, because the government always did same. Never changed the script. This time things have changed a little on the trip that made the former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. That also was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations is considered a friend of the Cuban government. So they invited him to travel to  Cuba to talk about Alan Gross, the U.S. contractor takes 22 months in prison.
This was not the first trip that  Richardson was in search of the liberation of a political prisoner. He had  hope that the invitation of the Cuban government was to deliver to  Gross, who is serving 15 years in prison for distributing computers to the Jewish community in the island.
Richardson was wrong, just after his arrival in Cuba Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said that Cuba would not release Gross and Richardson and could even see him in jail. It is difficult to understand why which Cuba invited him in and then flatly denied everything  he wanted.
Some say that the internal division Communist government that ruled the island for over 50 years. Speculate Cuba does not want better relations with the United States. That is difficult to do at a time when any gesture can be interpreted as a sign of weakness, something that Cuba can not accept  at a time when every day there are more dissidents demanding freedom.
Personally  I've covered dozens of stories about the release of prisoners Cuba's political. In 1978 3.600 freed political prisoners. But they always left with some to "gift" to the friends the Revolution. He did with former President Jimmy Carter, with the same Richardson, with the now defunct former Senator Ted Kennedy and the Rev.  Jesse Jackson. The brothers Fidel and Raul Castro always prisoners, such as flowers, to give to your friends international.
So far there are exiles and important officials from many countries who believe that talking to Cuba can be reaching change.
Again, wrong! In Cuba, the control of the repressive forces is stronger every day.
Now  Richardson seems to be aware of the obvious. On Tuesday said it was coming back to America on Wednesday and certainly much in view of the treatment given in the future that could return to the island as a friend - the words of Richardson.
Richardson and Carter have  been the best friends of the Revolution in America. Han defended the Cuban government through and through.
That, at least with Richardson, it seems it's over.
  Guillermo I. Martinez resides in South Florida. Guimar123@gmail.com