The Cuban government denied a basis for the terrorist group Islamic Hezbollah, saying the Republican candidate for U.S. President Michele Bachmann, who made the accusation, is a liar.
A note published by Granma newspaper, official organ of Cuba's ruling Communist Party, said the applicants presidential "right-wing Republican Party Tea" as Bachmann are "true parrots who only use a lie as argument ".
A week ago, Congresswoman Bachmann referred to a report published by the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera and warned that Islamic terrorists could build a missile base on the island.
The report found that Hezbollah militants were setting up a base in Cuba to attack Israeli targets Latin America.
The newspaper said three members of the terrorist group already the island were in charge of an operation called "Caribbean Case."
The base in Cuba was originally intended to logistical purposes, including gathering intelligence, networking and forging documents, said Corriere Della Sera.
The newspaper said that since Italy has long been identified Hezbollah activity in South America, mainly Brazil, Paraguay and  Venezuela.
October 4, 2011