Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Saturday, October 8, 2011
May the courageous Laura Pollan quickly recover -- for her family and for Cuba.

From AP:

Founder of Cuba’s Ladies in White, Laura Pollan, hospitalized for acute respiratory problems

The founder of a prominent Cuban dissident group, the Ladies in White, was hospitalized for acute respiratory problems and was in intensive care Saturday, family members and associates said.

Laura Pollan went to a hospital Friday and was in serious condition the following day, though stable and showing signs of improvement.

“She is very, very grave,” said Bertha Soler, another member of the group. “They told us she has an acute respiratory deficiency,” and the doctors “think the cause is viral.”

Over 10 Dissidents Beaten and Arrested Today

Over 10 Cuban pro-democracy activists, including 7 Ladies in White, have been brutally beaten and arrested today in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba.

Amongst those arrested are Ana Celia Rodríguez, Adriana Núñez, Julia Cairot, Doraisa Corrioso, Eunicia Madaula, Maximiliano Sánchez Perera, Juan Carmelo Bermúdez, Ernesto Vera and Samuel Le Blanc.

More "reform" you can't believe in.

Capitol Hill Cubans

Cuba prevents collect Yoani Sanchez Jaime Brunet Prize...

  • "My generation had to be born in a country where eir everyday experiences become spokespersons for the thousands of people silenced by fear  and the threat. "Yoani Sanchez now has 36 years, he founded  in Cuba the journal for reflection and debate "Consensus"And now is known for his own blog / generaciony, a blog that is inaccessible to Cubans.
    "Yoani  Sanchez is here this afternoon by those who thought their work is meaningful and that sooner or later their hopes and hopes will be a reality, "said President Navarre Parliament to deliver the prize. "It shows that the right to inform and to opine  Exercise is a serious threat in many parts of the world " Catalan and also said that the battle for rights human race is still full of obstacles.
    The journalists who filled the hall heard the latest words of the letter of Yoani Sanchez: "My generation had to be born in a country where everything had been decided beforehand. In a country where nonconformists is denied us the opportunity to have a space in national media, technology has become a infrastructure of freedom. "

Incredible but true ...

Protestants, Muslims and Yoruba pray for the freedom of the five spies

Religions entrench his romance with the regime.
Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, and Yoruba/abakuás prayed  together on Friday for the release of the five spies, in a new episode of religious hierarchies supported the regime in Havana.
The monks gathered at the Diocesan Center Auditorium Episcopal Church of Havana, who heads the Anglican bishop Griselda Delgado.
The event aimed to "show solidarity against the injustice of Five case, particularly in support of René González, "said Official Gazette Granma.
"The representatives of various religious communities had the opportunity to intercede with their respective Divine, to ask the improper purpose of punishing men for fighting terrorism, "the paper said.
The Rev. Pablo Oden Marichal Castro, coordinator of the Cuban Pastoral platform, said the act represented a "cult of dignity, brotherhood and friendship, "and read out a letter aimed at Barack Obama.
The ceremony was attended by Caridad Diego Bello, head of the Office Attention to Religious Affairs of the Party Central Committee, and Ramon Pez Ferro, president of the International Relations Committee  National Assembly of Popular Power.