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Cuban police use beatings, pepper spray to arrest 3 anti-Castro activists (UDPATED)...

August 15, 2012

Cuban human rights group reports more than 200 political arrests in first two weeks of August

The Centro de Información Hablemos Press, or CIHPRESS, human rights group/independent news agency Wednesday sounded the alarm about what it described as a sudden increase in repression in Cuba. So far in August, the group reports that the Castro police have made more than 200 political arrests of its opponents.
In many instances, the police moved violently against dissidents, delivering beatings and confiscating computers, paper and ink, newspapers and other items, said CIHPRESS, as it tried to generate attention from international organizations for what is happening.
Specifically, CIHPRESS again requested that Amnesty International designate two political prisoners, Sonia Garro and Niurka Luque, as prisoners of conscience.
In most instances, those arrested this month have been released after a few hours or a few days, a sort of low-intensity repression by the Raul Castro regime designed to evade intense scrutiny while still making it clear that the government does not tolerate dissent.
CIHPRESS also said it has information on at least 23 activists being held as political prisoners.
They are:

1.   Sonia Garro Alfonso.
2.   Niurka Luque Álvarez.
3.   Antonio Michel Lima Cruz.
4.   Marco Maykel Lima Cruz.
5.   Ariel Eugenio Arzuaga Peña.
6.   Luis Enrique Labrador Díaz.
7.   David Piloto Barceló. 
8.   Eider Frometa Allen.
9.   Dani López de Moya.
10.   Jorge Vázquez Chaviano.
11.    Abismael González González.
12.    Bismarck Mustelier Galán.
13.     Rolando Tudela Iribar.
14.     Ángel Frometa Lovaina.
15.    Niorvis Rivera Guerra.
16.    Rogelio Tavío López.
17.    Eugenio Hernández Hernández.
18.     Ernesto Paula Pérez.
19.     Ramón Alejandro Muñoz González.
20.     Pavél Arcia Céspedes.
21.     Pedro Luis González.
22.     Orlando Triana González.
23.      Omar Naranjo Bonne.
You can learn more about some of them by clicking on their names on the right.
Niurka Luque ySonia Garro 2012 (1)

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