Friday, September 7, 2012

24/7 News

At least 43 people killed in series of earthquakes in southwestern China; toll expected to rise - @AP

First pictures: #PrinceHarry in Afghanistan for four-month tour as an Apache helicopter pilot

Red Cross president says he had 'positive' talks with Syria's President Assad - @AP

Prince Harry sent back to Afghanistan as Apache helicopter pilot - @Guardian

More: Money feud between brothers may have been cause of slayings in the Alps - @afp


Judge grants bail to young Christian girl accused of blasphemy in Pakistan 

European markets again move higher, adding to Thursday's rally - @MarketWatch

Pakistani court set to rule whether Christian girl accused of blasphemy will be granted bail - @NewsweekPak


Chancellor announces tax break for North Sea oil and gas industry - to encourage exploitation of older "brown" fields. 

Series of earthquakes in SW China kills at least 5, damages 20,000 homes, says state media - @BBCBreaking

Asian stocks close higher on ECB bond plan; Nikkei finishes up 2.2% - @MarketWatch


FLASH: India has no immediate plan to revise prices of fuels - oil minister 


Hope for America: Politics eventually overtakes VMAs on Twitter

President Barack Obama's biggest opponent Thursday night was not Mitt Romney. It was MTV's Video Music Awards, which aired concurrently with the convention. In the early hours of the evening, the VMAs received so much more traffic on Twitter than the convention that you might think DNC stood for "Do Not Care." But by the time Obama took the stage, VMA might have stood for "Very Minor Annoyance." The two trends passed one another shortly before Obama took the stage.
How a Left-Wing Look at America's "Heroes" Reveals Its Own Ignorance 

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