Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Chinese visitor to gem exhibition in Sri Lanka arrested for swallowing said to be worth $13,000, police say - @BBCWorld 

2 International Security Assistance Force service members dead after helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan - ISAF statement via @NBCNews

About 20 migrants trapped between fences on Israel-Egypt border, are unable to enter either nation - @haaretzonline

Communist Castro Says She Would Vote For Obama

Moscow police arrest 10 environmental activists, 4 dressed in polar bear costumes, at Gazprom's Moscow office - @AP

2 International Security Assistance Force service members dead after helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan - ISAF statement via @NBCNews

Obama admits he wants socialism for America 


BREAKING: Fire destroys Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences #breaking

Iran makes no distinction between US and Israeli interests, will retaliate against both if attacked, Iranian commander says - @Reuters

Egyptian president appoints members of the Muslim Brotherhood as provincial governors - @Reuters


Voters React to Michelle Obama's 'Personal,' 'Real' Speech

This story comes from the Yahoo! Contributor Network, where individuals publish their unique perspectives on some of the world’s most popular websites. Do you have a story to tell? Become a Yahoo! contributor
Yahoo! News asked voters to share their reactions to Michelle Obama's address at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday. In their own words, here are perspectives from voters across the nation.
Michelle Obama addressed a crowd that looked like the America I remember and the United States I want to live in, and she reminded us that she and her husband are real people, real people who had real dreams and real debt, real love and real obstacles. Yet there she stood, a role model, a mother, a wife, and our First Lady.
Though we've been told incessantly that the message of "Change" is tattered, worn, that it's something we should discard as idealistic and naive, Obama reminded us that change does not come easily. It does not come without sacrifice.
It does not come without challenge.
"So today," she said, "when the challenges we face start to seem overwhelming -- or even impossible -- let us never forget that doing the impossible is the history of this nation."
And once again, I felt a seedling take hold.
-- Isa-Lee Wolf
Resplendent in rose-petal pink, Michelle Obama fired up the crowd with an impassioned, powerful speech at the Democratic National Party Convention's opening night. Her non-partisan tone both expressed her family's foundational principles, as well as her belief in Barack Obama's vision of hard work, unconditional love and belief in the American Dream.

As a teacher and mother, I found her remarks deeply resonated with me. I also believe that how hard you work means much more than how much you make, and that living with unconditional love for your children, honesty, integrity, decency, humility and living by valuing everyone's contribution and treating everyone with respect will make our country an even better place for our children and grandchildren.
-- Jennifer Wolfe
Michelle Obama effectively delivered a speech that was not only formulaic, but also attempted to advance a philosophy that many Americans outside the convention hall find pernicious.
She praised ordinary Americans she has met in her career as a political wife -- but all of them, from teachers to first responders to even people in the military, were employees of the government. Not one from the private sector.
When she delved into the political, defending her husband the president as well as her husband the man, she fell just a little flat. In Michelle Obama's world view, all good things flow from government and all good things in government flow from President Obama. The crowd in the hall ate it up; it was served up with passion and finesse. But one suspects that the TV audience may have been a little skeptical. 

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