Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Former Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt emerges from Downing Street as the new health secretary, replacing Andrew Lansley. #c4news

Kyodo: 2 suspects detained in #China in relation to attack of #Japan envoy's car. 

Employment Minister Chris Grayling becomes new Justice Secretary, replacing Ken Clarke. UK government #reshuffle LIVE http://t.co/NZVfHvUh

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to become Leader of the House of Commons, the BBC learns. UK government #reshuffle LIVE http://t.co/t75Yr87t

UN says 100,000 refugees fled Syria in August, highest monthly total since crisis began - @AP


BreakingNews: 22 people killed across #Syria by security force gunfire, mostly in the outskirts of #Damascus: Syrian Revolution Commission 

Energy firm Entergy reports about 43,000 customers are still without power in Louisiana following Hurricane Isaac - @NBCNews

Chancellor George Osborne to keep his job as finance minister in UK government reshuffle - @Reuters


Tropical Depression John: 2 AM PT, 35 mph winds, 1004 mb, moving NW at 13 mph. http://t.co/yJDeDChu

Welfare Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Education Secretary Michael Gove to stay put. UK government #reshuffle LIVE http://t.co/9wHnKK7T

Portugal asks for international help as firefighters struggle to contain forest fires - @itvnews

Vandals set fire to the doors of a Christian monastery near Jerusalem, daub pro-settler graffiti on its walls - @Reuters


Obama: Romney attacking ‘fictional Barack Obama’

By | The Ticket – 
A sand sculpture of Barack Obama in Charlotte advertises vacation destination Myrtle Beach (Streeter Lecka/Getty …President Barack Obama told USA Today in an interview published Monday that Republicans led by Mitt Romney have so twisted his record and his words that they may as well be taking on "a fictional Barack Obama."
That message, delivered on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, follows days and weeks of increasingly strident complaints from the Obama campaign that Team Romney is lying about his record.
Republicans "have spent a lot of time creating a fictional Barack Obama who is supposedly taking the work out of welfare reform, or doesn't think small businesses built their own businesses," the president told the newspaper.
The welfare reform charge stems from the Obama administration's decision — at the request of governors, including Republicans -- to give states more flexibility with the work requirement. But that waiver requires that states move 20% more people to work than they do currently. The small business comment refers to the way Republicans have pulled out of context the president's remarks at a campaign really in Virginia. Obama said small businesses could not succeed without government investments in education, infrastructure, or the Internet. "If you've got a business—you didn't build that," he said. Republicans eager to portray Obama as hostile to entrepreneurs jumped on the comment.
(Democrats haven't been particularly shy about using this tactic themselves, ripping Romney's "I like being able to fire people" out of its context — he was talking about giving Americans more choices in health insurance — to make it seem he just enjoys handing out pink slips. And Obama himself said Sunday that Romney "doesn't have a timetable" for getting American forces out of Afghanistan — which is a bit awkward, given that Romney has endorsed Obama's own timetable.)
Obama mocked last week's Republican convention, saying Romney talked about himself and the president but did not offer much by way of policy details.
"I guess their premise is that the American people will be convinced, if we just get rid of Obama, then somehow that will be enough," he told USA Today.
That won't happen in Charlotte, Obama said, which will be "less an introduction to the American people than a conversation with them."
"The American people know me," he said. "They know my strengths. I'm sure they know my weaknesses — and if they aren't familiar with them, the other side will be happy to point them out."

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