Friday, September 7, 2012

There (Carter) Goes Again

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Is former U.S. President Jimmy Carter suggesting that Cuban-Americans should be silenced and disenfranchised?

That's not very democratic.

Cuban-Americans do not need to apologize to anyone for expressing their views and exercising their democratic rights in the state of Florida.

From AP:

Former President Jimmy Carter says anti-Castro leaders in Florida have a major and exaggerated influence on the presidential election in that battleground state.

Not the Intent of the Cuban Adjustment Act

Last month, it was reported that the daughter of one of Castro's senior officials, Marino Munillo, who is in charge of Raul's so-called "reforms", had defected to the U.S.

Murillo's daughter, Glenda, crossed the Texas border from Mexico and made her way to Tampa, where she is now residing with an aunt.

Upon crossing the border, Glenda surely asked for asylum and the protections granted to Cuban nationals under the Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act (CRAA).

That's what the CRAA is intended to do -- and must continue to do -- for those seeking freedom.

However, as news spread, Glenda's aunt clarified that she fled "for personal reasons, not political reasons" -- more specifically, to be with her boyfriend in Tampa.

Perhaps Glenda's aunt has other reasons for making this statement, such as protecting Marino Murillo, who reportedly cried when he heard the news.

After all, Castro has no qualms disappearing his "Vice-Presidents" -- just ask Carlos Lage.

But if it was "for love" that Glenda is now in Tampa -- would that be a fair application of the CRAA?

How many Mexicans, Colombians, Venezuelans and other nationalities are patiently awaiting to be reunited with their loved ones in the U.S.?

Yet, Glenda was able to jump the line, as she was presumed -- thanks to the CRAA -- to be a refugee, fleeing for political purposes.

That is not consistent with the original intent of the CRAA.

We must steadfastly continue to protect those who flee persecution, but it's time to close the loophole for those who abuse its generosity.

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