Friday, October 5, 2012

LPPNEWS .Rock and repression in Cuba Video


General Motors says South Africa transport workers strike has hit production at its Port Elizabeth plant - @Reuters

Firebomb explodes outside offices of Italian tax collection agency Equitalia in the city of Verona, police say - @Reuters

Jordanian police reportedly arrest 8 people on Friday as the Muslim Brotherhood prepares to hold a pro-reform rally in central Amman - @AFP

Syrian rebels say they have captured an air-defense base with a cache of missiles outside Damascus - @Reuters

UK foreign office says it will appeal the judgment that 3 Kenyans can pursue damages for their torture under 1950s British rule - @Reuters

More: Gunman was an American Jewish man in his 20s; came to Israel on a program bringing American Jews there, Eilat spokesman says - @AP


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