Monday, April 9, 2012

U.S. tells North Korea not to carry out nuclear test

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States urged North Korea on Monday not conduct a nuclear test or launch a satellite and called on China to exert its influence over its neighbor to try to ward off such "provocative actions."
North Korea, which is pressing ahead with plans for a satellite launch despite U.S. and regional appeals that it desist, is also preparing a third nuclear test, South Korean news reports said on Sunday.
Another nuclear test is bound to scare neighbors and infuriate the West, which has long sought to curb the North's nuclear ambitions.
South Korea's Yonhap news agency quoted an unidentified intelligence source as saying North Korea was "clandestinely preparing a nuclear test" at the same location as the first two.
The State Department repeated its advice to the North not to launch a satellite, saying this would violate U.N. Security Council resolutions and a February 29 denuclearization agreement.
"Our position remains: don't do it," said spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. "North Korea's launch of a missile would be highly provocative, it would pose a threat to regional security and it would be inconsistent with its recent undertakings to refrain from any kind of long-range missile launches."
Nuland told reporters a third North Korean nuclear test "would be equally bad if not worse."
She declined comment on whether the United States also had reason to believe that the North might be preparing a nuclear test, saying she could not discuss intelligence matters.
North Korea, which three years ago pulled out of six-party disarmament talks on its nuclear program, agreed in February to stop nuclear tests, uranium enrichment and long-range missile launches in return for food aid, opening the way to a possible resumption of the negotiations.
But that has all unraveled with the North's rocket launch planned for this month, probably between Thursday and the following Monday. The North says it is merely sending a weather satellite into space, but South Korea and the United States say it is a ballistic missile test.
The United States has called on China, the closest that North Korea has to an ally, to exert such influence as it has with Pyongyang, a point Nuland made again on Monday.
"We believe, in particular, that China joins us in its interest in seeing a denuclearized Korean Peninsula and we are continuing to encourage China to act more effectively in that interest," she said.
(Reporting By Arshad Mohammed; editing by Christopher Wilson)

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First planetary system discovered with more planets than ours

By Tecca | Today in Tech – 
A recently discovered ninth planet gives HD 10180 the distinction of the most populated planetary system
Scientists may not be having much success in the search for extraterrestrial life, but astronomers seem to have no difficulty in picking up the presence of new planets. Specifically, an astronomer at the University of Hertfordshire has discovered the presence of multiple new planets surrounding the star HD 10180 — enough to give it the crown as the only solar system discovered to date with more planets than ours.
Astronomers calculated the presence of the planets by analyzing the gravitational pulls on the distant star HD 10180 with the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) telescope. The first batch of HD 10190's planets were discovered in 2010 and Neptune-sized, or about 13 to 25 times the size of Earth. The other, more recently discovered planets are closer in mass to our planet, though much closer to their sun distance-wise than Earth. The planets follow a regular motion around their sun similar to our own star system, with periods between 1.2 and 600 days.
In total, researchers have found nine planets, one more than our Solar System's eight. None of the planets in the 127 light-year away solar system appear to be capable of sustaining life — most are so close to the sun that their scorched surfaces can't even sustain solid metals.
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[Image credit: ESO]
This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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More Record Breaking Repression

Cuban human rights group reports 760 arrests in March

Repression in Cuba for the week of April 4, 2012


Monday, April 9, 2012 9:16
Sccording reported the White Lady, Magaly Norvis Otero, on Saturday afternoon arrested 28 activists in the municipality Matanzas "Pedro Betancourt," which extends the wave of arrests began earlier this week in eastern Cuba with 43 persons.

On Easter Sunday on the island was developed the arrests of several Ladies in White across the country, including including those of Niurki Rivera Despaigne in Havana in Havana, Addis Nidia Cruz, mother of two young men arrested on December 24 to hear the music of The Villagers protest against the regime of Castro and three in Santiago de Cuba.

President the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDDHH), Elizardo Sanchez, has registered at least twenty names full of prisoners and said that breathes the same atmosphere tension in Cardenas.

"It appears that the repression was unleashed  the intention of Angel Moya (husband of Berta Soler, current leader of the  Damas and express consciousness) and a group of friends place flowers on the grave of Mrs. mother of Angel Moya, and authorities interpret any move they make dissidents as something that is against him which is not the case, "continued Elizardo Sanchez.

"The government has mobilized hundreds of police and paramilitary elements in order to intimidate "as" until afternoon is unknown exact whereabouts of Angel Moya and several others, "charged the president of the CCDDHH.

Reports of violence against dissidents Cuban occur while million members in Cuba and around the world celebrate Easter Sunday today especially considered the day that Jesus rose from the dead.

Prior to the arrival of the Pope to Cuba Raúl Castro increased its operating and demonstrations of force against the Cuban dissidents to prevent him from attending public events and Cuban churches.
Elizardo Sanchez: "The detainees were to place flowers on the grave of the mother of Angel Moya" on Monday, April 9, 2012 9:26