Friday, April 13, 2012

Human Events to Lure Readers With Free Empanadas

In conjunction with its re-launch on Monday, April 16, Human Events newspaper is trying a new gimmick to snag readers: free food. They will sponsor popular food truck DC Empanadas with free coffee, breakfast, and lunch for all patrons. The food truck will be solely distributing food and beverages on behalf of Human Events for the duration of the day, likely at Capitol South metro station in the morning and Farragut Square for lunch.
Check @HumanEvents on Twitter on Monday for exact locations.
Human Events, the cornerstone publication of The Human Events Group, is promising a “dynamic new look, increased editorial horsepower, and broader distribution” on Capitol Hill and around Washington, DC.

US denounces North Korea over failed rocket launch

By Olivier Knox | The Ticket – 
The White House late Thursday denounced North Korea's failed effort to launch a rocket, condemning the attempt as a severe breach of its international obligations and warned that the secretive regime's "pattern of aggressive behavior" had only succeeded in further isolating itself from the international community.
"Despite the failure of its attempted missile launch, North Korea's provocative action threatens regional security, violates international law and contravenes its own recent commitments," spokesman Jay Carney said in a written statement.
Carney's statement did not spell out clear next steps, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had warned earlier that Washington would seek further UN Security Council sanctions, and the White House itself had said that it would halt planned shipments of food aid in response to any such launch.
Carney also cast doubt on the future of Obama's efforts to reach out to the Stalinist regime in Pyongyang, saying: "The President has been clear that he is prepared to engage constructively with North Korea.  However, he has also insisted that North Korea live up to its own commitments, adhere to its international obligations and deal peacefully with its neighbors."
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An Obama administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, described the launch as "in part a propaganda effort" and predicted it "will have ramifications internally." The official also called the launch "a chance for North Korea to showcase its military wares to prospective customers."
"The failure will make those customers think twice before buying anything," said the official, who suggested that tough sanctions backed by President Barack Obama had starved the regime of key components necessary for a successful launch.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and U.S. Northern Command said that the United States had "detected and tracked a launch of the North Korean Taepo Dong-2 missile at 6:39 p.m.EDT.  The missile was tracked on a southerly launch over the Yellow Sea. Initial indications are that the first stage of the missile fell into the sea 165 km west of Seoul, South Korea.  The remaining stages were assessed to have failed and no debris fell on land.  At no time were the missile or the resultant debris a threat."

Still, "any missile activity by North Korea is of concern to the international community. The United States remains vigilant in the face of North Korean provocations, and is fully committed to the security [of] our allies in the region," Carney said.
"North Korea is only further isolating itself by engaging in provocative acts, and is wasting its money on weapons and propaganda displays while the North Korean people go hungry. North Korea's long-standing development of missiles and pursuit of nuclear weapons have not brought it security — and never will. North Korea will only show strength and find security by abiding by international law, living up to its obligations, and by working to feed its citizens, to educate its children, and to win the trust of its neighbors," the spokesman said.
North Korea had said that its rocket launch aimed to put a satellite called Kwangmyongsong-3 (Shining Star) in orbit as it marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of the regime's founder, Kim Il Sung. But the United States and other countries had denounced the move as an attempt to test the country's ballistic missile capabilities. UN Security Council resolutions forbid Pyongyang to carry out missile or nuclear tests.
"There is no doubt that this satellite would be launched using ballistic missile technology," Clinton had said at the State Department just hours before the failed launch.
Clinton also made clear that the moment the rocket left the launchpad, Obama would drop efforts to engage North Korea and would instead pursue further international sanctions.
"Pyongyang has a clear choice:  It can pursue peace and reap the benefits of closer ties with the international community, including the United States; or it can continue to face pressure and isolation.  If Pyongyang goes forward, we will all be back in the Security Council to take further action," she warned.
"And it's regrettable, because as you know, we had worked through an agreement that would have benefitted the North Korean people with the provision of food aid.  But in the current atmosphere, we would not be able to go forward with that, and other actions that other countries had been considering would also be on hold," Clinton said.
Even if Obama still hoped to find a path back to talks or some kind of engagement with North Korea, his margin to maneuver faces constraints from the presidential campaign -- Republicans who have fiercely denounced his approach seized on the launch to claim it has failed. "Predictably, diplomatic overtures with North Korea have failed once more," said House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon. "It appears North Korea has continued to pursue its efforts to strike the American people."

And the embattled Democratic president's foreign policy plate is piled high with other challenges like deciding the pace and scope of the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan -- central topic of a late-May NATO summit -- and the tense standoff over Iran's suspected nuclear program.
Obama leaves Friday for a Summit of the Americas in Colombia, but many observers of world affairs will be watching Istanbul, where negotiators from the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany -- the so-called P5+1 -- will sit down for the first time in over a year with officials from Iran. Israel has warned it cannot wait long in the face of what it  says is Tehran's efforts to develop the ability to build a nuclear weapon. And Obama has warned that the window for a diplomatic solution is closing, and that he has not ruled out using force.

News: Cuban network of community broadcasters.

April 12, 2012
Cuban Network of Community Communicators.
>In order not to attend the weekly meeting (Wednesday) of the Cuban Network of Community Communicators, were detained on April 11 and 30 at 11 am, the communicators: Yadira Rodriguez Bombino, Niclas Yasmani Abad and Armando Rodriguez Lamas, and taken to the Police Unit Aguilera. They were released after 5 pm, time at which just the meeting of the Network
>The communicator Niurka Alvarez Luque, prey found in the Western Women's Prison known as The Black MantleIn Havana, was visited by attorney Amelia Rodriguez on Wednesday afternoon. Niurka  is in solitary confinement for refusing to wear the uniform. Give  the mattress at 6 pm and take it off at 6 am. She explained that every Sunday at 12 o'clock, from his cell shouting slogans like those who say the Ladies in White Gandhi in the park next to the church of Santa Rita. She suffers from seizures and are not giving the medicines you have prescribed. She is accused of Attack.
>The journalist community Jorge Vazquez  Chaviano of Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara, is being held at the Slope, Santa Clara, after being informed that it was revoked  of his case for alleged illegal economic activities, when serving a subsidiary of "correctional work without internment" of 18 months. He has argued that all of the revoked prison have a document from the Court finds this condition, but he did not have any documents and remains prisoner, without knowing why officially, although collateral damage Pope's visit.

Rasta have a closed trial

| By Flowers Yaremis
Riscart Zuraima Mustelier with his wife.

HAVANA, Cuba, April 12 (Yaremis Flores, - Mustelier Riscart Hector, a member of the Rastafarian culture is presented on April 13 in a closed trial for alleged offenses drug trafficking and resisting arrest.
Riscart Mustelier, also known as "nano" was arrested on 16 November 2011 outside the National Cabaret in Center Havana, where he had introduced the band he leads.
Authorities said the musician gave his ID at the time of arrest, but then "pulled away with jerking his body. " As stated in the provisional findings of the Attorney, dated January 30, 2012, removed his turban Riscart covering her braids "unveiling two wrappers with 65 grams of marijuana. "
In general, trials in Cuba are public. The exception is applies when moral grounds, state security and public order  advisable.
The judges of the Board 4 th. Provincial Court of Havana taken to the resort town located on Calle Juan Delgado, in the municipality on October 10, to celebrate the criminal case.
Although they had to communicate the reason for the secrecy of this process, the family of nano know why they can not attend the judicial act.
In this regard, the artist's mother told this reporter that "Although Hector relatives can not enter to see the trial, we will be outside, offering our support. " He also commented that "his child is calm and trust God. He will not allow an injustice. "
Suraimi, wife of Hector, the statement said at least one of the key prosecution witnesses was manipulated. "When we saw the record for the first time, the policeman Ernesto Martinez said no on duty the day of the facts, but activity was suspicious. " She said that statement disappeared. "Now it has another  in which Ernesto says the opposite, with details. "
The wife of nano said that an agent of the National Drug, another municipality, said that her husband was "controlled" on suspicion of marijuana possession. "I met with the Head of Sector Police, and he confirmed that Nano was not in his list How antisocial cases he may not know a course "Controlled" by drugs? "Asked Suraimi.
The main contradiction of the judgment relates to the occupation of the drug. The acting police say hid Riscart Mustelier  in his long hair and at the removal of a turban, was discovered marijuana.
Hector denies the police version and calls for video use workplace safety. But surveillance cameras did not work that night, authorities said.
The body in charge of the investigation did not conduct a smell test  to the drug employed in order to verify the accuracy of the statements of the guards. That is no longer possible to do so because proof of the crime was incinerated.
Attorney recorded his initials (ARR) in the conclusions Provisional dated January 30, 2012, but did not use his name complete, according to the established. Neither signed the conclusions,  instead someone else did.
If found guilty, Riscart Mustelier could sleep more than 3,000 nights in prison.

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Pemex to explore and exploit in Cuba

The oil and Cuban couple signed a Letter Intention of cooperation in hydrocarbons, Mexico and Cuba also agreed a Memorandum of Understanding on energy.

Posted: Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 19:47
MEXICO CITY (Sports Network) - Pemex Exploration and  Production (PEP) and the Union-Cuba Petroleo (Cupet) shaped each Thursday a Letter of Intent to analyze different alternatives collaboration in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in  Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in Cuba. The document includes a roadmap to assess future collaborations PEP, a subsidiary of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), In the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Cuban territory.
As a result of this agreement between state oil companies,  two nations held a workshop at an early date in the capital Cuban, in which PEP will have the option to analyze the different collaborative alternative, either in development or project new areas of opportunity, exposes the Department of Energy (Sener).
Meanwhile, the owner of the Sener, Jordy Herrera, signed a Memorandum of Understanding energy issues with  Minister of Basic Industry of Cuba, Tomas Benitez, under the official visit of President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa to that country.
In  a statement, the Mexican agency reported that cooperation established under this Memorandum considers the exchange of experts, technology, information and best practices and implementation of internships, trainings and workshops.
It also provides the implementation of research and development strategic planning methodologies in hydrocarbons, electricity, energy efficiency, renewable energy development professional and energy conservation.