Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marines discharge sergeant for Facebook posts

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A sergeant will be discharged for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook in a case that called into question the Pentagon's policies about social media and its limits on the speech of active duty military personnel, the Marine Corps said Wednesday.
Sgt. Gary Stein will get an other-than-honorable discharge and lose most of his benefits for violating the policies, the Corps said.
The San Diego-area Marine who has served nine years in the Corps said he was disappointed by the decision. He argued that he was exercising his constitutional rights to free speech.
"I love the Marine Corps, I love my job. I wish it wouldn't have gone this way. I'm having a hard time seeing how 15 words on Facebook could have ruined my nine-year career," he told The Associated Press.
Gary Kreep, an attorney for Stein, said he would pursue administrative appeals within the Marine Corps but anticipates the effort will fail. He said he planned to file an amended complaint in federal court.
"As long as he wants to pursue this, we will be supporting him," said Kreep, who is executive director of the United States Justice Foundation, an advocacy group.
The Marines acted after saying Stein stated March 1 on a Facebook page used by Marine meteorologists, "Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him." Stein later clarified that statement, saying he would not follow unlawful orders.
Brig. Gen. Daniel Yoo, the commanding general of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, said in a brief statement Wednesday that evidence supported an administrative board's recommendation to discharge Stein.
Tom Umberg, a former Army colonel and military prosecutor, said Stein persisted even after being warned.
"The Marine Corps gave him the opportunity to think about his actions, yet Sgt. Stein continued to undermine the chain of command," said Umberg, who was not involved in Stein's case. "I think his purpose was to leave the Marine Corps in a dramatic fashion in order to begin a career in talk radio or what have you."
Umberg believes the decision to discharge Stein will have limited impact because the vast majority of Marines would never consider such postings.
"I think 99 percent of the soldiers and Marines currently on duty understand the duties of supporting the chain of command and understand their rights of free speech are limited," he said. "To that 1 percent who don't know their rights to free speech are limited once they take the oath, this is a loud and clear message."
During a hearing, a military prosecutor submitted screen grabs of Stein's postings on one Facebook page he created called Armed Forces Tea Party, which the prosecutor said included the image of Obama on a "Jackass" movie poster. Stein also superimposed Obama's image on a poster for "The Incredibles" movie that he changed to "The Horribles," military prosecutor Capt. John Torresala said.
At the hearing this month at Camp Pendleton, Torresala argued that Stein's behavior repeatedly violated Pentagon policy and he should be dismissed after ignoring warnings from his superiors about his postings.
The military has had a policy since the Civil War limiting the free speech of service members, including criticism of the commander in chief.
Pentagon directives say military personnel in uniform cannot sponsor a political club; participate in any TV or radio program or group discussion that advocates for or against a political party, candidate or cause; or speak at any event promoting a political movement.
Commissioned officers also may not use contemptuous words against senior officials.

The interpretation loving Ozzie Guillen

Sports / pro totalitarian phrase in the wrong place
Ozzie Guillen

Cubamatinal / Saying "I love Fidel Castro" in Miami is like  say "Welcome Hitler" in Israel or "Long live the Ladies in White" in regular meeting of the Communists in Cuba. It was exactly what he said  The Ozzie Guillen, manager of baseball team The Florida Marlins, in an interview with Time magazine. (Note  Cubamatinal Editorial: For those unfamiliar with the subject of abuse  communist regimes throughout history, we provide two links to video documentaries published by this newspaper; A-Some thoughts on the Cuban Exclusion Act III Part and B-Some thoughts on the Cuban Exclusion Act Part II )

By Alfonso Torna Odelín

Havana, April 21 / PD / Freedom of expression, in Miami or in "La Cochinchina", also has political and financial costs. But is the "Little Havana", not so small and more tenants exiles that the very capital of the communist island, who does not forgive "Accidental" Ozzie fling toward Fidel Castro.
¿Ozzie Guillen would love to Fidel Castro if he tuck the curette, from his deathbed at Ground Zero, the decisions to be taken  World Series? Ever wonder if Ozzie history revolutionary Cuban baseball a manager has appeared with some like?
Obviously, although later admitted his mistake and said he prefers "Dead to vote for Chavez" in the November election Next, Ozzie Guillen is a communist and an unsuspecting frustrated that said at the wrong time and place, love a man that is repugnant to the fans in Miami. Nor is the kid Guillen and arrogant drug addict Diego Armando Maradona, who provided ease your purchase relapse  their idols Communists in Havana.
"What I meant is that how a person who has done so much damage, that has caused so much pain, so much blood, and so political prisoners death, is still in the system, is still with us. (...) The interpretation between English and Spanish did not turn out well, "said manager Guillen at a press conference shortly after the outbreak of the controversy.
However, the performance in the Cuban press, the pen of the journalist Alfonso Nazianzen, written in the official organ of the  Wednesday 11 April, put into the mouth of Ozzie the following bold-  sentence: "I respect Fidel Castro."
Still, respect for the love just a brisita of idolatry. But Why hate Nazianzus omitted forced Ozzie Guillen when repented at the local and international press in Miami?
Little does he know Ozzie Guillen is that most Cubans Island residents are neither Communists nor Catholics, much less devoted to Fidel Castro. Moreover, because of Fidel is that baseball in  Cuba is stagnant and many idols of our ball playing, precisely in the U.S. professional leagues.
And for the adventurous who question the freedom of expression in the Mecca of the anti-Castro (Miami), what would Lazaro Vargas, mentor Industrial capital equipment, if only I say "respect for Barack Obama "in the Latin American Stadium? When Marlins manager cost  suspension from the team for five games and fined one hundred thousand dollars. Now it remains to be seen how will the new stadium box office Miami, the pride of the Hispanic American community.
The interpretation of Ozzie Guillen has a price and the resignation Forced is nipping at his heels. It is better to be a communist all days, to say "I love Fidel Castro" at the time and wrong place.

Another British businessman arrested in bribery investigation

| By CubaNet
HAVANA, Cuba, April 24 (Agencies,  - Stephen Purvis, chief operating officer of Coral Capital Group Ltd., a British company investment in Cuba, was arrested in Havana, as part of a bribery investigation began last year Cuban authorities against some state agencies and their partners foreigners.
The information published in on Tuesday, indicates that Purvis is the second executive of Coral Capital held as part of a campaign against corruption organized by the Cuban leader Raul Castro.
In October 2011 he was arrested its chief executive, Amado Fakhre, a British citizen of Lebanese origin, but still unaware of the precise charges against Coral Capital and the fact no published by Cuban state media.
"I can confirm that a British citizen arrested and is under  research by Cuban authorities, "he told, Rhys Patrick, Head of Political Affairs and Press Secretary, Embassy of British Havana. "We are providing consular support to customary in these cases, "he said.
According,  Coral Capital Group, was registered in the British Virgin Islands 1999, and since entering the Cuban market as a firm of property roots, expanded its operations to commercial finance companies mixed state and Cuban imports of machinery and other activities including even the cultural sphere.
The British investment firm involved in building 1.220 homes for a resort and golf course in Bellomonte, with a extension of 628 acres, located on the beach east of Havana, 15 miles from the center of the capital. In an adjacent property of 20 acres, Coral planned to build a 160-room hotel overlooking the sea and a beach club for members. The initial cost  of this project that should begin this year is $ 120 million dollars.
The British company represents several foreign companies in Cuba including Yamaha Motor Corporation and Peugeot said.