Sunday, March 31, 2013


animated gifTentative agreement reached to end San Francisco Symphony's two-and-a-half-week strike - @AP


#BREAKING: All EB lanes of I-80 in Vallejo near the Redwood Parkway off-ramp shut down due to a bus fire that spread to adjacent structure.

State police determine there were a total of 17 separate traffic crashes involving 95 vehicles in I-77 wreck - statement via @NBCNews


Northbound lanes open, southbound lanes still closed on I-77 near N. C. line: ...

Louisville coach Rick Pitino post game: Kevin Ware's leg broken in 2 places, including compound fracture; year recovery - @AP_Top25

Louisville Cardinals honor. #KevinWare as they win Midwest Regional.

Ontario, Canada, high school teachers reach deal with province after labor dispute - @CBCCanada


Unreal moment in the Duke-Louisville game... the arena is silent, tears flowing: Cardinal player on the floor with a compound leg fracture. 

David Miliband quits Sunderland FC board over new manager Paulo Di Canio's 'past political statements' - @BBCNews

7 people killed in attacks in Iraq capital and western city of Fallujah, officials say - @AP

Virginia State Police say excessive fog caused 75 car pile-up on I-77 - @NBCNews

Exxon Mobil continues cleanup of a pipeline spill that spewed thousands of barrels of heavy Canadian crude in Arkansas - @Reuters

Security has been tightened for other officials after the shooting deaths of the Kaufman County, Texas, Criminal District Attorney and his wife - @Reuters

Police in northeast Ohio are investigating a shooting outside a church that has reportedly left 1 man dead after an Easter service - @AP

Central African Republic's self-proclaimed president announces caretaker government in which he is defense minister - @Reuters

Photo: Fog causes major pileup on I-77 near Virginia-North Carolina state line - via @WDBJ7

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

24/7 Breaking News

animated gifTornado rips through Hokitika, New Zealand; roofs reportedly lifted off buildings - @nzherald, via @stormchaser4850

Accident investigation in Brooklyn, NY; a a car struck scaffolds that's collapsed 9 victims, 2 serious - @NYScanner

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

LPPNEWS - EFT - 24/7 Breaking News

animated gifLarge storm spans Atlantic Ocean from Caribbean to Portugal - @capitalweather

Soyuz rocket docks to International Space Station with 3 crew members in record-breaking time - @NASA

Chief Justice John Roberts a recent victim of credit-card fraud, spokeswomen says - @AP

Bob Teague, one of New York's first black TV journalists, dies at age 84 - @NYTMetro

Camarillo, California, orders 45-day moratorium on adult-film shoots - @NBCLA

Japan stocks open higher, with techs, energy strong; Nikkei Average up 0.5% - @MarketWatch

Egyptian police fire bird-pellets, teargas on protesters surrounding Interior Minster's house - @DailyNewsEgypt

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

24/7 Breaking News

Ashley Judd declares on Twitter that she's decided against run for Senate in Kentucky - @TPM

Prosecutors in Colorado theater shooting to announce Monday whether they'll seek capital punishment - @AP

Colorado theater shooting suspect may plead guilty to avoid death penalty, @9NEWS reports 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Iceland issues warning after quake activity - @AP

Photo: Anti-gay-marriage protesters marching up Constitution Avenue to US Supreme Court - @feliciasonmez

Stephen Colbert set to interview Bill Clinton for 'The Colbert Report' - @RollingStone

No injuries or damage reported at this time from Mexico quake estimated between 5.5-5.8 magnitude - @NBCNews

Pope Francis will stay in Vatican guesthouse; not planning for now to move to papal apartment, Vatican spokesman says - @CatholicNewsSvc

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Monday, March 25, 2013


animated gifSecretary Kerry to meet with Afghanistan's President Karzai - @NBCNews

Zambia arrests former President Banda for abuse of authority over Nigeria oil deal, government investigation spokeswoman says - @Reuters

At least 6 killed as deadly landslide hits Indonesia's main island - @AJELive

Former Syrian opposition leader to address Arab League meeting in Qatar despite resignation - @Reuters

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Breaking News

animated gifEgypt's President Morsi says he may take unspecified measures to 'protect this nation' - @AP

NRA's Wayne LaPierre: Universal background checks based on 'a dishonest premise' - @meetthepress broadcast 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013


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Rebels seize air defense base in strategic area in southern Syria - @AP

Pope Francis to have lunch with his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - @cnni

US Secretary of State John Kerry to meet with Palestinian President Abbas, followed by talks with Israeli PM Netanyahu - @Reuters

Cyprus considering levy of 25% on bank deposits more than 100,000 euros in Bank of Cyprus, finance minister says - @Reuters

Update: Police give all clear after 6-hour search following reports of gunman on University of Arizona campus - @KVOA

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Friday, March 22, 2013


animated gifBody found in the River Beauly close to the spot where a local wildlife photographer went missing 4 months ago - @BBCNews

UK Sellafield nuclear site being shut down, as a precaution, because of severe winter weather - @BBCNews

Update: International Criminal Court says it has taken custody of warlord Bosco Ntaganda in Rwanda - @AP

President Obama arrives at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem - @haaretzcom

Israeli tourist and European tourist kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai, Egyptian police report - @haaretzcom

President Obama placed a pebble from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the grave of Yitzhak Rabin when he visited - JTA

Former French President Sarkozy's lawyer says L'Oreal heiress party funding case is flawed - @Reuters

Cuban activists step up on behalf of prisoner of conscience Calixto Ramon Martinez

Zoo, Schmoo. Our Headline? "Rubio Hopes to Revive Flagging Pro-Embargo Donations"

The Future of Freedom in Cuba: The Cato Institute

Yoani in Washington

Human rights activist Martha Beatriz Roque viciously beaten and robbed in Havana by Cuban State Security 

Havana diplomats at UN try to block Yoani Sanchez news conference

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


 animated gifPresident Obama at press conference with Abbas: Palestinians deserve sovereign state, end to occupation and to daily indignities - @AP

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas: Peace cannot be achieved through violence, settlements or siege - @AP


POTUS mentioned rocket fire overnight that hit Sderot. He said Hamas has the responsibility to prevent these attacks. 

Ex-BBC director general Greg Dyke to become chairman of England's Football Association in July - @BBCNews

Update: 12 killed, more than 20 wounded after car bomb explodes inside a refugee camp in Pakistan - @AP

Imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan has announced that he is preparing a truce statement to end the 30-year conflict with Turkey - @RT_com

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Breaking News - EFT

animated gifUK measles outbreak grows; dozens of new cases push total affected past 300 - @BBCNews

US official says it's important to accommodate Congolese warlord Ntaganda's request to go to ICC as quickly as possible - @Reuters

Update: Staff member inside Minn. school on lockdown says everyone is safe and there is no danger - @StarTribune

London's V&A museum cancels concert by metal band over fears Ming vases would be shattered by noise - @EveningStandard

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

24/7 NEWS

animated gifNational Weather Service forecasting 7 to 19 inches of a mix of snow and sleet in US Northeast - @AP

Explosion during training exercise at Nevada military facility is believed to have killed 'several' people, US military says - @Reuters

Pope Francis makes surprise phone call home to well-wishers in Argentina - @Reuters

Syrian rebels deny firing chemical weapon in Aleppo; accuse Assad's forces of launching scud missile with chemical agents - @Reuters

#BreakingNews: #Iraq postpones provincial polls for 'security reasons': official 

Pope Francis makes strong appeal for protection of the environment in inaugural Mass - @Reuters

Bomb blast reported near the Iranian embassy in Syria's capital Damascus, activists say - @AlArabiya_Eng

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Monday, March 18, 2013


animated gifSouth Africa's ruling ANC fires the leadership of its youth league after it opposed Zuma's re-election last year - @BBCNews

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