Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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animated gifWest Mayor: No clear number of dead, injured in Texas explosion - @AP

'We need your prayers. There's a lot of people that are hurt' - West, Texas Mayor Tommy Muska - @NBCNews

West, Texas Mayor Tommy Muska: Fires are under control, nursing home 'significant damage,' no official casualty count - live video 

66 injured taken to Hillcrest Hospital following West, Texas, explosion, CEO says - live feed 

School buses being brought in to help evacuate residents from the devastated town of West, Texas - @KHOU

Video purportedly showing explosion at fertilizer plant in West, Texas -Youtube's zidyboby

New Texas explosion triage center at West Community Center, emergency hotline set up: (254)-202-1100 - @CenTexRedCross

Photo: Apartment severely damaged near fertilizer plant explosion - WFAA's @roncorning

Photo: Triage area set up near Waco TX football field to treat wounded; airlift them to hospital - @kirstencrow

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