Thursday, July 18, 2013


4 deputies, 1 civilian injured in chemical attack in Orange County, Florida - @WESH

Cambodia's opposition leader returns from exile to spearhead party's election campaign - @AP

New Jersey Supreme Court restricts police searches of phone data - @NYTimes

Asylum-seekers boat heads to Dampier, Western Australia - @SBSNews

Photo: 'Mountain' wildfire plume over ridge east of Idyllwild, California, thickening - @ronkil

Freight train derails in Bronx, Metro-North Hudson service suspended indefinitely - @NBCNewYork

Reports of streets, buildings flooded southeast of Little Rock, Arkansas -@breakingweather 

Detroit Mayor Bing on bankruptcy: 'We have to make the best of it.. this is a new start for us' - live video

Muslim Brotherhood rally head toward the house of interior minister, per Al Arabiya correspondent - @AlArabiya_Eng

FAA: Japan Air flight returning to Boston is a 787 Dreamliner; burning fuel before landing - @PetesWire

4 people struck by lightning at Grant Family Farms in Wellington, Colorado - @DenverChannel

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