Wednesday, April 3, 2013


animated gifPhoto shows scene of helicopter crash in Kendall, Florida - @lizroldancbs4

Carnival says all crew members, contractors aboard Triumph accounted for after ship breaks from mooring - statement via @NBCNews

US official says Iran nuclear talks depend on Tehran's response - @Reuters

US official says hopes positive Iranian rhetoric is matched with concrete responses, actions from Iran on nuclear issue - @Reuters


Mark Sanford says his fiancee Maria Belen Chapur surprised him by going up on stage with him at victory rally 

Photo: Carnival Triumph has visible exterior damage after breaking loose from repair port - via @jakeacarpenter

Police: Nick Morale, 56, arrested for terrorist threats in a phone call in jail in Terrell, Texas; not linked to Kaufman Co. slayings - @BenRussellNBC5


Obama returning 5% of salary, but he makes much more from books. $16,667k is 1% of his 2010 income, 2% of 2011 income.

Georgia soldier accused of leading militia charged by Army in 2011 killing of pregnant wife - @AP

Pentagon confirms US military will move ballistic missile defense system to Guam in coming weeks - @Reuters

US to send advanced anti-ballistic missile system to Guam in response to North Korean threats, officials say - @NBCNews, @Reuters

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel cites 'real and clear' danger from North Korea; working with China and others to defuse tensions - @Reuters

3 sides of skyscraper hotel in Chechnya in flames, @RT_com reports 

State Department spokeswoman: US Cairo Embassy 'decision to tweet' Daily Show was wrong; changes being made to feed management - @jonswaine

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