Monday, April 15, 2013


animated gif7 Emerson College students were injured in Boston Marathon attack; campus to be closed Tuesday - @nbcnightlynews

Boston's Emerson College to be closed tomorrow, president announces - @EmersonCollege

Massachusetts General Hospital doctor says hospital had no pediatric patients; oldest patient he personally operated on was 71 - live video 

IRS gives Boston-area taxpayers more time to finish returns - @AP

Photo: Unclaimed runners bags at Boston Marathon - Instagram user marypilon

Schultz, Baker to lead US delegation at Thatcher funeral - @Reuters

Photo of closed-off Boylston Street in Boston - @BenjaminBell

Boston Marathon runners for Newtown team are safe, finished before blasts, group says - @cnnbrk

Video shows explosion, people evacuating stands at Boston Marathon finish line - massagenerd on YouTube

Photo: Swat team in place outside Boston Medical Center - @BBarnett7News

White House says Obama talks with South Korean president to include 'continued cooperation on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and countering the North Korean threat' - @Reuters

Earthquake: Magnitude 5.1, Fiji region - USGS

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