Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July NEWS

Man infected with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus dies in a UK hospital - @BBCBreaking

African Union likely to suspend Egypt from all activities following unconstitutional power change, source says - @Reuters

Gulf state of Qatar says it will support the will of the Egyptian people - @AlArabiya_Eng

South Africa's President Zuma is visiting Nelson Mandela at a hospital in Pretoria - @GarethEdwardsSA

France has its own PRISM-like intelligence gathering program, newspaper reports - @LeMondeFR (French) 

Egyptian Air Force jets fly over Cairo deploying smoke in the colors of Egypt's flag - Instagram's Ssirgany

Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour, center, during a swearing in ceremony in at the constitutional court in Cairo

Constitutional court head Adli Mansour sworn in as interim President of Egypt - live video 

AFP tweeted:


#BREAKING Russia condemns France, Spain, Portugal for blocking Morales's flight 

Egypt's Adli Mansour sworn in as head of constitutional court - @Reuters

4th of July in Kabul with Sen. John McCain.

DOG WATCH:India's defense minister leads high-level delegation to China, the 1st such trip in 7 years - @AFP

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AP VIDEO: Revelers dance, shoot fireworks and wave flags in the streets of Cairo after Morsi was ousted: -JM - @AP


Police found ammunition in Aaron Hernandez's apartment that matched the caliber of ammo that killed his friend.

Bolivian President Evo Morales arrives home after plane flap; tells supporters some European countries should free themselves from U.S. - @AP

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