Sunday, July 21, 2013

24/7 NEWS

6 Egyptians killed and 11 others wounded in militant attacks in Sinai - @Reuters

Photo: Rain has helped firefighters slow massive Mountain Fire blaze; cost to fight so far: $20 million - @Miguelnbc

Photo: Scene in East Cleveland where bodies found, search continuing - @awhcolumbus

Photo: Flooding in midtown Phoenix, Arizona, from huge storm - @photomeisterAZR

Video: Tour de France at Rue de Rivoli, Paris - @rickyazze

Photo: Phil Mickelson at the British Open - @The_Open

Ohio police resume search in East Cleveland neighborhood where 3 bodies were found - @AP

Egypt's military stops a pro-Morsi march from reaching US embassy in Cairo, Al Arabiya correspondent says - @AlArabiya_Eng

Exit polls: Japan PM Shinzo Abe set to win control of both houses of parliament - @BBCBreaking

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says peace talks will be tough and any deal must be ratified in referendum - @AP

JFK library to make content of five Hemingway scrapbooks available online for the first time: - @AP

Answers needed on Cuba’s missile shipment to North Korea

Cuba, North Korea and the Chong Chon Gang

The Case of Cuba and the North Korean Ship

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