Saturday, October 25, 2014


animated gifIran hangs woman despite international uproar

Putin Accuses US Of Complete Disregard For International Law

Canada shooting raises fears of ISIS connection 

'The world is against Isis,' Barack Obama says as international coalition forms strategy

No Mercy: ISIS, Father Stones to Death Daughter for Alleged Adultery

The US War Against ISIS Is Barely Degrading, Certainly Not Destroying The Militants

North Korea Enlists the Help of Cuba and China in Shielding Kim Jong Un From ICC 

Cuba emerges as committed ally against Ebola - yet can't treat illnesses at home

Farc chiefs join Colombian peace talks in Cuba

As Cuban economy stagnates, economists press for deeper reforms 

Local Congresswoman Worries About Ebola Threat From Cuba

Thursday, October 9, 2014


animated gifSharp Rise in Cuban Migration Stirs Worries of a Mass Exodus

History Repeats Itself With Cuba’s Migrants

Miami congressional candidates differ on U.S.-Cuba policy

US Official Downplays Cuba's Invitation to Summit

Cuba and the U.S. need to cooperate on fisheries

Report: Padres heavily scouting Cuban outfielder Yasmany Tomas

Colombia says rebel chief has been to Cuba for peace talks

Media Advisory - CUBA

Alleged Cuba-Venezuela Spy Network Targets Maduro’s Opposition in Chile

The Real Reason It's Nearly Impossible to End the Cuba Embargo

See Singer CuCu Diamantes Travel Cuba in a Shoe in Concert Film Trailer

Joe Garcia, Carlos Curbelo disagree on expanding Cuba travel, future of Cuban Adjustment Act

Cy Tokmakjian faces deadline on appeal of Cuban sentence

Cuba Embargo News and Debate 2014: Expert Suggests Hillary Clinton Be President to End 'Abnormal' Relationship With Communist Country

Secret Talks And Back Channels Pervaded U.S. Relationship With Cuba

MotoDiscovery Awarded License Renewal for Cuba Travel

Cuba Says It's Likely to Increase Money Supply

Exxon Mobil Awarded $1.6 Billion in Venezuela Case 

Venezuela’s New Opposition Leader Jesús Torrealba Takes on the Chavistas

Venezuela militia members killed by police amid political unrest

Venezuela: the disturbing message of Robert Serra’s murder

Horse Poisoning Alarms Venezuela's Racing Industry

UPDATE 1-Venezuela says serviced Global 2014 bond, slams default fears

The 61% Devaluation That Venezuela Told No One About

Scrappy, Bloodthirsty Dino Found in Venezuela

How Venezuela Got No Dollars From $65 Billion Bond Sales

Venezuela’s perilous closeup

Florida senators ask U.S. to oppose Venezuela's UN Security Council bid

Assassination marks anti-socialist terror campaign against Venezuela

Venezuela Misses Holcim Compensation Payment

These Images Show How Inflation Has Made Basic, Everyday Products In Venezuela Ridiculously Expensive

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