Sunday, November 8, 2015


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Obama’s Cuba policy: Supporting US business or enriching Cuban gov't?

‘State to help SA companies in Cuba’

The presidents of Mexico and Cuba announce new accords and closer ties

Canadians held ‘hostage’ in Cuban hotel room after damage to room

Now adults, local ‘Pedro Pan’ children look back on leaving Cuba

Cubans come ashore on Miami Beach but worry about second boat

Sprint Signs Telecommunications Deal in Cuba

Look at the numbers: Payment of $7 billion in claims against Cuba is not realistic

Memories of Cuba with Isabel and Ruben Toledo

First grader launches Cuban church fundraiser

Historic surge in Cuban emigration divides families; staying in touch via telephone and email

Congressional Panel Slams Obama's Cuba, Venezuela Policies

Lawyers Look to Cuba as Trade Embargo Loosens

Cuba's First Music Magazine 'Vistar' Speaks to New Generation

New USA TODAY VR feature: Experience the real Havana with 'Cuba 360'

Cuban Revolutionaries Hope Their Legacy Won’t Fade Away

Hialeah man sentenced for sending money to Cuba

U.S. and Cuba in Trade Talks, for Ballplayers to Be Named Later 

Retired SIUE professor choreographs dance diplomacy with Cuba

Ben Carson Says America Would Be Cuba If Not For Fox News

Cubans keep history museums in 'nightmarish' chapter of 'U.S. betrayal'

Obama Has a New Plan to Close Gitmo, but Will He Give the Base Back to Cuba?

Cuba’s island of broken dreams

Santiago de Cuba: A ‘steaming, breathing, rhythmic city’ of revolution, rum and perseverance

Rethinking the Cuban Adjustment Act’s goals

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