Sunday, September 11, 2016


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In Cuba the tax man cometh, slowly

Raúl Castro Urges Cubans to Remain Alert to U.S. Efforts to Alter Communist System

EFT FILES =Hillary Clinton and Vilma Espin (Raul Castro’s late wife) sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G (almost literally!)

Cuban rights abuses, jailings up in new repressive wave

Between Reforms and Repression, Can Cuba’s New Forces of Change Succeed?

Why the Cuban Trade Embargo Should Be Maintained

Why Cuba Is Getting More Repressive

Will winds of change sweep Cuba?

EFT FILES =6 Ugly Facts Of Life In Communist Cuba

14 Polish companies explore investment opportunities in Cuba

Havana's dirty truths: rubbish-strewn streets spark anger at city's failings

Executives see little progress on easing Cuba-U.S. financial services

Jailed American subcontractor says Cuba needs to join the 21st Century

Cuba airport security causes senators to call for pause in U.S.-Cuba flights

Cuban: Trump will crumble under tough questions

What next for US-Cuba relations?

Booking a flight to Cuba? Here's what to expect now

First U.S. Commercial Flight in 55 Years Lands in Cuba

Cuba Says US Embargo Cost It $4.6 Billion Last Year 

Bernie Sanders Unable to Shake His Past Support for Cuba’s Communist Leaders

“associations with communism” in Cuba

Hillary Clinton Secretly Pushed Cuba Deal for Years

Fidel Castro: Cuba will remain communist even after my death


The communist failures that await Obama when he goes to Cuba

Bachmann: Obama’s Cuba Visit Blesses Global Communist Alliance - See more at:
Bachmann: Obama’s Cuba Visit Blesses Global Communist Alliance - See more at:

Cuba says Obama’s easing of embargo hasn’t helped economy


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