Saturday, August 13, 2016


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Cuban officials touring St. Petersburg this weekend as they eye consulate location

Cuba objects to U.S. lawmakers' attempts to stop flights

Coast Guard halts search for lost Cuban migrants

Tiny Polish Car Catches a Wave in Auto-Crazy Cuba

Cubans Head Into Perilous Panama Jungle to Avoid Deportation

Cuban a Critic of NBA Players in Olympics but Backing Bogut

Coast Guard: 97 Cubans Recently Returned to Island

Cuba Says 2 People Apparently Contracted Zika Inside Country

Cuba Sees Tourism Rise, French Will Renovate Havana Airport

World record for 90-metre Cuban cigar

EFT FILES =After a half-century wait, US cruise ship arrives in Cuba 

Three charged in Florida with participating in Caribbean cell phone fraud scheme 

Why Did Christtian Louboutin Design Cuba's Olympic Uniforms

Bridge to Common Ground 

'People are complaining openly in Cuba and this has never happened before'

1,000 Cubans attempt journey to US via Panama's perilous Darien Gap

EFT FILES = Ludracis to perform at Guantá​​namo Bay for US naval base's Fourth of July festival

Migrants stranded in Colombian bottleneck as Panama closes its border

Spanish retailer Mango to open megastore in Cuba

Caribbean contagion

EFT FILES =Update from Havana: What’s next for travel to Cuba

Legal Cuba travel options for Americans explained 

Tampa charter dropping Cuba flights as commercial service nears

Vessel insurance options for Cuba travel - Update

Islam thrives in communist Cuba

Cuban-Born Americans Warn: U.S. Morphing Into Communist Country

EFT FILE =How Kennedy bought 1,200 hand rolled Cuban cigars just hours before he ordered blockade of communist state 50 years ago

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