Thursday, April 13, 2017


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‘They owe me $2,000,’ Cuban Airbnb host says of the company

Master and servant: how Tania Bruguera is using Beckett to dismantle power

Cuba opposition candidates say targeted for reprisals

Mexico starts giving residency to stranded Cubans

Alleged Cuban smuggler pleads guilty to sex trafficking

Cuban Justice Minister Exchanges with UN Special Rapporteur

Cuban uses condoms, tropical fruit to make own brand of wine

Cuban FM calls for unity against threats to the region

The American Dream (And Nightmare)

Speaker examines economic change in Cuba

Guantanamo Bay inmates from Yemen freed and arrive in Saudi Arabia

Cuban prisoner of conscience siblings released 

AFT files :With Obama Visit to Cuba, Old Battle Lines Fade

Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Cuba

Facing fuel shortage in Cuba, Havana diplomats roll up sleeves

Cuba invites first U.N. rights investigator in a decade

Watering down a revolution: Cuba's struggle for water

As Cuba’s economy flat-lines, retirement has become notional

Cuba’s Raul Castro blasts Trump’s Mexican wall and trade policy

Christie renews call for cop killer's return from Cuba

New co-operatives’ problems highlight reform difficulties

Dominican Republic signs trade agreement with Cuba

Nestle close to signing off on $50 mln-$60 mln factory in Cuba

Cuban biologist raises 2 chimpanzees in her Havana apartment

Marco Rubio: ‘Trump will treat Cuba like the dictatorship it is’

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