Friday, September 7, 2018


animated gifFirst lawsuits in Cuban plane crash that killed 112 have been filed — in a U.S. court

JFK assassination files: What does a diplomat's suicide have to do with Lee Harvey Oswald?

American, JetBlue and Southwest bid for Delta's former Cuba route

Microwave weapons suspected in US embassy ailments – report

Scientists Are Now Really Fighting About The Cause of Those 'Sonic Attacks', And We're Here For It 

Report: Lack Of Communication Delayed Cuba Attack Investigation

EFT ARCHIVES =13 Things NOT to Do in Cuba

Ag leaders back Heitkamp-Boozman Cuba amendment in farm bill

Cuba has notoriously bad internet — here's what it's like to use

DeSantis pick as running mate? Miami state legislator Jeanette Nuñez

Officials charged with tracking security incidents learned of attacks in Cuba from media

NJ Black Caucus meeting with Cuban diplomats tarnishes group  

Here’s what the U.S.’s fake Facebook campaign in Cuba consisted of

A Miami Cuban American has never lost a House seat to a non-Cuban. It could happen in November

Cuban rail market opens to foreign companies

Cuba's journey into the future

Cuba solidarity groups support the revolution from the U.S.

LPP ARCHIVES ='Miraculous' sea rescue of man who went overboard

Cuban dissidents hold forums to discuss newly proposed constitution

US asks for investigation into Cuban dissident's death

Young leader rises in Tampa’s Cuban dissident movement, but who will follow him?

Arrest of prominent Cuban dissident draws protest and concern

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