Wednesday, December 12, 2018


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US Demands Answers from Cuba on Imprisoned Dissidents

Doctors who first tested diplomats after Cuba ‘health attacks’ doubt concussion theory

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USCIS Closes Havana Field Office on Dec. 10, 2018

FAKE NEWS = Cubans travel the world searching for shopping bargains

Complaints from private entrepreneurs in Cuba lead to unusual about-face on new regulations

Americans venture back to Cuba as hurricane memories, U.S. tensions fade

Spain's Leader Accused of Going Soft on Cuban Human Rights

US demands answers from Cuba on political prisoners 

‘Documentary Evidence’

Cuba reinforces public transport as it clamps down on private taxis

AP Exclusive: Cuba softens new law on artistic expression

Best Cuban restaurants in Orlando area, from Cubans' perspective

Cuba's new president sticks to old script at United Nations

Zika Virus in Cuba

FAKE NEWS = Cuba modifies some regulations unpopular with private sector

Castro's vision for Cuba: Poverty, hunger still mark many lives

LPP ARCHIVES =For Cubans, the struggle to supplement meagre rations is a consuming obsession 


Cuba is launching full internet access on mobile phones

Cuba “Sonic Attack” Update: A Controversial Study Suggests Inner Ear Damage

University of Miami medical team reports acute findings from Havana embassy phenomenon 

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