Sunday, May 19, 2019


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Cuba still welcoming tourists despite Trump restrictions

Massive Digitization Effort Is The Latest Plot Twist For Cuban Radio Soap Operas

Jeff Bezos pays tribute to his Cuban father’s journey to Miami in Instagram video 

The hidden world of the doctors Cuba sends overseas

Decades after failed invasion, Cuba still eyes Venezuela

Cuban Interior Commerce Minister on Food Rations: ‘Majority See It as a Good Thing’


No Democrat Presidential Candidate Will Beat Trump, Predicts “Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban

Report: Venezuelan Oil Tanker Captain Refused to Ship Gasoline to Cuba

Crash on Havana’s seafront boulevard kills 3, injures many

Striking a Deal with Russia on Spheres of Influence

Dirty money is the reason Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro survives

Review: ‘El Cimarrón’ Weaves Politics and Music in a Runaway Slave’s Tale

Cuba launches widespread rationing in face of crisis

Rick Scott wants the U.S. Navy to block Cuba and Venezuela’s oil trade

How I went from political refugee to a Texas police chief

US imposes sanctions on shipping firms, tankers tied to Venezuela

US Foreign Policy as Bellicose as Ever

Cubans dismayed Canada halting visa processing in Havana

Trump Administration Cuba Restrictions May Scuttle Cruise Ship Calls

Cuban LGBTQ activists defy government, hold unauthorized pride march

Cuban police break up unauthorized LGBT rights march in Havana

Cuban LGBT activists hold pride parade in open defiance of government

Cuba police arrest gay rights activists

How Venezuelan Democracy Lost the Battle Against Castro—An Interview with Orlando Avendaño

Cuba: landmark gay rights march planned despite reported threats

Can Cuba be part of the solution to the political crisis in Venezuela?

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